Happy World Book Day to everybody! When it comes to learning, reading books is absolutely essential. Reading stories and understanding what is going on is an excellent way for children to learn. Any age can have a story read to them, or they can choose to pick up a book and read it themselves. It is the perfect chance to get lost in a world different to your own and let your imagination run wild!


Encouraging children to be interested in books from a young age is really important. It will assist with many skills that they will need later in life and really help them expand their vocabulary and improve spelling. As far as educational supplies go, books are one of the best and will never go out of fashion. There are a number of children who leave primary school with the inability to read and World Book Day helps to try to stop this from happening. No matter what type of child, there will be a book out there that will capture their interests.


It is great in schools to set the class to read a book, and then get them to interact with each other and talk about the book. It can be amazing to see how their minds interpret things within the stories differently. Being able to share ideas and talk about books is a great way of improving communication skills and it will allow teachers to easily find out if any kids are struggling with the books too. Everybody reads at different paces and can understand different levels, and this day can help to determine where everybody is at within a class, or with your own child at home.


Learning to read and write is an essential part of life and opens up a lot of doors. As children get older, if the problem has not been addressed whilst at a younger age, they will simply try to hide it. This could lead to bad behaviour as they may feel embarrassed and try to push away help. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to learn to read and this day is a celebration of stories, from classics to more obscure personal preferences. Even if you are somebody like me who doesn’t really read much it could be a good idea to give a book a try again. You might just discover that you really enjoy it.