Money is hard to earn, but even harder to spend. In this fast running life, it is very important for you to spend your hard-earned money wisely. There are many people who just don’t care about their money spending habits, and later on, find themselves in big debs. Here is the list of poor money spending habits that are found in many.


Of course, Entertainment is an important part of life. Without entertainment life is hell. But what is the need of that entertainment that brings disturbance in your budget? Entertainment is must, but the ways you have it, must meet your budget. If they don’t then your one-time entertainment is digging a well for you, a well that will be hard to pass on.


Your addiction to anything (s) can result in bad damage to your budget. If it happens, then you will be compelled to live a poor life. Most people have addiction to shopping, gambling, gaming etc. The addiction to these make you keep wasting your hard-earned money. When it happens, you end up with a big blow in your budget, in your financial life. It is better to find out the ways that can bring you out from the hell of addiction.

Emotional Spending

One of the worst spending habits is the emotional spending. Almost every person has the poor habit of emotional spending. Emotional spending is the situation of spending money by getting excited over a particular situation. For example, go for shopping to come out of boredom or go for a party for a small reason. Emotional spending is mostly found in the people who get over excited on some particular situations. Their 0ver-excitement cause them forget about their fixed budget.