When designing critical business IT infrastructure, the most important question to answer is how your equipment will be stored.  Some companies prefer an in-house solution, while others utilize third party data centers.  As with all business decisions, both the short and long term costs and benefits must be considered.  There are a variety of benefits using a third party data center rather than trying to manage everything in-house.


In many businesses, the only time data center management becomes part of the conversation is when there is a problem.  By using a third party data center, businesses gain a troubleshooting resource.  They can benefit from relying on the expertise of third party data technicians.  The IT professional which work in a data center gain the specific skills and experience necessary to handle any problem when it arises.

Hardware and Network Maintenance

Along with using third party technicians to troubleshoot problems, they can also provide day to day maintenance and management services.  This allows in-house IT staff to focus on what they do best.  It also provides them with more time to spend on in-building IT tasks.  Maintenance and troubleshooting can quickly consume more time than IT personnel have when they must manage both an in-house data center and day-to-day technical support.  Using a third party data center reduces the responsibilities of in-house staff and allows them to do what they were originally hired to do.

Improved Physical Security Measures

Another benefit of using purpose-built data centers is improved physical security.  Physical security is a glaring weakness of most in-house IT departments because there is a large amount of foot traffic to monitor.  Plus, too many people are often given access to critical infrastructure.  By housing all of the mission-critical equipment off-site it is significantly safer.  Quality purpose-built data centers benefit from multiple layers of security to eliminate physical threats to servers and business data.

Additional Disaster Recovery Resources

Disaster recovery is a situation every business wants to avoid, but will have to deal with at some point.  Along with providing additional technical support and staff, using a third party data center also provides additional resources.  They give businesses all of the space, time, and privacy they need to set up a successful home-base and get mission critical resources back online as quickly as possible.

Elite Infrastructure

The final benefit of choosing a third party over an in-house data center is the access to elite infrastructure.  Most businesses are forced to retrofit a space within their current building to house and support their IT equipment.  This leaves a lot of be desired including a fully redundant power supply, multiple internet carriers, and efficient cooling.  Purpose-built data centers offer access to all of these assets.

Deciding where to house mission-critical IT equipment is one of the most important decisions a business will make.  While keeping everything in-house has a certain appeal, using a third party data center provides a variety of unique benefits which cannot be overlooked.