Do you want to add a bunch of PDF files containing ebook contents to iBooks in iTune, Ipad or iPod Touch on Mac? If you are not using a special software tool, you may encounter some problems due to incompatibility in format. There are two convenient methods to add your PDF files to iBooks. Let us consider them one by one.

First Approach

First open iTune, and then go to File>Add to Library.

Enter in some information about the PDF files.

Choose your iPod Touch or iPhone or iPad, whatever you have from the Devices list in iTunes. At the top of the list, you will find Books tab, select it. Check Sync Books. After selecting eBooks, click the ‘Sync’ button.

Second Approach

The second approach requires conversion of PDF files to EPUB eBooks first. Once the files are converted, you are allowed to add PDF to iBooks on Mac with ease.

This method involves use of a third party application to establish convertibility between PDF and iBooks. The process is devoid of any complication. This method also enables the users to convert the PDF files to EPUB eBooks and then add them to iBooks.

Keep in mind that the original layout of your PDF files will be retained. The images, texts and other features will have their same format in the converted output.


The website owners are curious to know if they can upload the PDF files on their websites. More than often, they need file uploading. However, it is not possible to directly upload the PDF files to your website. To do that, you have to convert PDF to .HTML on Mac. You can easily share the HTML files on the internet.

Many top-tier companies have introduced software converter to guide the users throughout the process of PDF file conversion. The process is hassle free. With the high-end converter, you can convert several PDF files to HTML version conveniently. The best software applications also support encrypted PDF files. Furthermore, if you want to convert a larger PDF file, you can do it very quickly. And yes, I want to repeat it once again that you will not experience any sort of hassle. You may have multiple graphics in your original PDF file. Don’t worry; their original style will be retained in the final output, i.e. HTML version. However, if you choose to use a converter from the non-reputed brands, you are less likely to experience such smoothness.