Installing awnings can help with reduction of heat that penetrates your house. They also can enhance and complement the entire look of your house. Although each one of us get quite excited installing the awnings however, we often forget about its maintenance. Your awnings can last for nearly 25 years if it is properly maintained. This blog would discuss about how an awning is installed what you can do to maintain the same. Take a look at it.


Installation process:

Choosing the design…

Choose the right awning to meet your requirements. The materials, tools and even the choice of colour should be decided first.

The tools needed…

Everything that you require to install an awning can also be found in the home workshop. The list includes


Tape measure



Sockets and ratchet

Caulking gun

Eye protection

Mounting hardboard and

A helper

The measurement:

Two measurements are important. These include finding the centre of the door and the centre of the awning. The next important thing you should bear in mind is to ensure that the door opens smoothly after the awning is installed. The reason why it is important is that you obviously do not want to restrict the movement of the door as well as also want to avoid possible damage to your awning. For taking proper measurement, follow this simple step:

Check the exact centre of the door and mark it on the wall.

Check the exact centre of the awning and mark accordingly. You can also measure the wire frame. This is the best alternative to this method.

With a helper, hold the awning in the right place referring to the measurement marks. You also need to check that the door movement is not constricted.

The process…

Put the mounting bar in its proper place after ensuring that the mounting points and measurement are in the level. By using an appropriate hardware you need to fasten the mounting bar at one end.

While on the other end, insure that the mounting bar is also in a level and then fasten this end as well.

You also need to fasten other mounting bolts.

In order to prevent moisture and insects from getting behind the bar, you can simply caulk the mounting bar round its boundaries.

Maintenance of awning:

A pressure washer is perfect if you have an awning canopies. While using a pressure washer, make sure that the pointer is away from the awning before you start to wash it. This makes the pressure coming from the pressure washer to the desired level. However, do not set the pressure washer too high as it may put a dent or create a hole in the awning material.

If you are thinking to use a cleaning agent, make sure that you know beforehand that whether the cleaning agent is suitable for your awning material.Never bleach an awning. Bleach can discolour your awning material. It is best to follow the instructions of the manufacturers while you intend to clean your awning.

You can clean the debris with a brush, broom or even with a stiff brush while the canopy is dry. On the other hand, while the awning is wet you can remove the stains by using some baking soda. If your awning has developed mildew or mould you need to use a stronger cleaner to clean off these fungi. However, make sure that your awning is dry before you roll it up.

Take a good care of your awning to extend its longevity.

Stephanie Albert is a writer and a home improvement analyst. In her recent articles she shares some valuable insights on retractable awning. You may visit Solaris Canada in case you need to know more about screen doors or awnings.