Kiosk technology has advanced to the point where it seems like they will be around for good. Not only will kiosks become much more common in our daily lives, they will also possibly become an integral part of the way business works and the way consumers get their products.

What is a Kiosk

A kiosk is typically a structure that looks like a phone booth. These kiosks also feature a touch screen and provide products, services or information for consumers. The most common types of kiosks that people are familiar with are Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and vending machines- like the ones that sell soda pop, chewing gum, candy and other items.

Services Offered by Kiosks

Kiosks provide a huge amount of services, and can be found in all kinds of locations. There are kiosks that provide information (such as visitor information kiosks that provide maps, directions and travel suggestions,) kiosks that offer a service (such as ATMS,) and kiosks that sell a product (like soda machines and candy machines.) But, as technology has advanced, kiosks have become much more sophisticated and have moved far beyond the traditional uses they have had in the past.

Kiosk App #1. RedBox

The RedBox kiosk was a true game changer when it came to the services offered by a kiosk, as well as the way in which the video rental business works. The RedBox kiosk is simple enough: it provides the customer with a list of the movies available inside the machine. The person chooses the movie(s) they want, swipes their credit card as payment for the rental, and then the kiosk dispenses the movie. The person pays a small daily fee for the rental and is allowed to keep the movie for as long as they please. The other cool thing is the customer can turn the rental in after viewing at any RedBox location, so it does not have to be the same one from which they rented.

Kiosk App #2. Starbucks

Starbucks, the world-wide leader in coffee sales, has hopped on the kiosk bandwagon as well. The kiosk offers customers the chance to choose from basic coffee beverages, the size of the drink they would like, and then the drink is dispensed into a cup. Buying coffee has perhaps never been as easy.

Kiosk App #3. Apple

Apple has begun installing kiosks in shopping malls all around the country. The Apple kiosks offer the chance to purchase iPods, iPads, subscription cards and a host of other gadgets made by the company. It only makes sense that the leader in technology would include the kiosk in their business, as it is possibly the wave of the future.

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