In a country like India education is one ladder that allows you to climb up to the top from the belly of a dark ghetto or near anonymity. It is one tool that gives you all that you can ever want in life. Each parent dreams of seeing his son or daughter at the top, so far as education is concerned. All over the world people use education to further their dreams, goals and aspirations. But, is there a limit to education. Is it ever enough?




General outlook

The very basic outlook that is available is that you must be a graduate even if you are not to work for others. Children who belong to business families do not usually face pressure from their family to excel at studies but even they are expected to bring home the degree. It has become such a norm that you hardly ever hear of young people who are not graduates. Even if one is not pursuing a full time degree; he or she is getting it through correspondence. No matter, what job you are applying for the basic demand is graduation.

The next big thing has long since been seen as MBA. Even those who are already seasoned professionals in their respective fields are pursuing regular management studies or MBA Distance Learning. It adds another feather in your cap and makes it easy for you to find a place up in the corporate echelon. The Business schools, Universities and private institutes are all offering these courses in various streams. Most entry level work force is eyeing this prized trophy as a stepping stone to a managerial position.

Higher education

India possesses the second largest higher education system in the world. It is second only to the United States. Apart from the Central, State and Private Universities; we have a number of globally acclaimed educational institutes like – Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). National Institute of Technology (NITs), Institute of Management (IIMs) and Jawaharlal Nehru University that has been setting standards for education, ever since its inception.

As we come to higher education, we realize that specialized knowledge is what actually opens the doors to well paying jobs. Even if a higher degree does not always promise success it certainly brings in the lime light and gives you opportunity to work in with the best in the job market.

Once you have graduated in the stream of your choice; it is best to pursue your area of specialization through Masters, Post Graduate Diplomas and subject specific courses that equip you with enhanced capabilities in your area of study. Statistics have shown that people who go for higher studies earn more than those with lesser education. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and there are more and more streams and subjects coming up for students to take up and excel in.

On a National level the ratio of students opting for higher education ensure that our economy remains competitive and eventually gains an edge and that requires getting a place in the mainstream science and technology fields. China is a very good example to see how high tech professionals can transform the chances of keeping an economy strong and continually on the path to growth and development.

Education is something that never really stops. You never actually stop learning. In today’s fast changing technology and information age, one has to be on his/her toes 24×7. This has opened up a whole new world of education and further studies, but, as for institutional learning and degrees a fair amount of higher education is actually quite enough to bring you reasonable success in life.

Author’s Bio

This guest post is contributed by Diksha  Singh.She is a internet marketer and Content Developer. Recently she working with studynation.