In case you haven’t noticed, almost everyone is on the Internet nowadays. Not only are people e-mailing each other back and forth, which is obviously much more efficient than sending a mail by post, but they are also keeping up with the activities of friends and families through websites such as Facebook. They are also doing more shopping online. Recent statistics indicate that over 12% of retail purchases in the UK are made online, and the trend is expected to rise to almost 50% in the next 20 years.


We are entering a completely new world and we really don’t know exactly where it will lead us. Did people from other generations, in the past, feel the same way about their future? One thing is for sure, we are changing society at a far more rapid pace than ever before in the history of any civilization. This is basically being pushed by the rapid advances in technology, which make change not only a possibility, but a necessity. It seems that many consumers are also feeding this frenzy, by continually buying the latest model iPhone, or any other electronic device that manufacturers can design and build.

The Domain of Giants

Somewhat similar to the old days of print media, the most popular websites are easily tracked. Because everything is electronic, the number of visitors to any individual site can be easily evaluated and reported. If you were ever curious about which are the most frequently visited websites in the UK, you finally have an answer. Can you for a moment close your eyes and imagine what the number one site is? Yes, it’s Facebook. Given the fact that it has over 1 billion users worldwide, it may come as no surprise that it is also the most popular, or most frequently visited website in the UK. There are many people who cannot seem to get through the day without checking their Facebook account at least once or twice, just in case they missed an important post by one of their friends or family members.

Rooting for Number Two

Okay so Facebook rules our world. What comes next? If you ever thought of watching a video on your computer or tablet, which website are you most likely to go to? The correct answer is YouTube, and that is the second most popular website in the UK. Given that Facebook is a publicly traded company in United States, and YouTube is owned by Google, another publicly traded company in the US, it is perhaps comforting to know that the third most popular website is homegrown. Yes, the BBC is alive and well and their presence on the Web is the third most popular site. Unfortunately, the Yanks are at it again, and the fourth and fifth spots belong to Microsoft’s Live website, followed by Yahoo. But they don’t stop there in the list of most popular sites. Rounding off the final spots are the UK versions of two US companies, eBay and Amazon.

Chris Harlepp is a US-based lifestyle writer covering some of the latest trends in modern consumer technology, such as Web hosting Tamworth. He writes on a freelance basis for many of the major technology blogs.