A single phase electric motor is driven by the forces of electromagnetism – the magnetic poles of the rotor and stator are arranged so that the rotor turns in a particular direction (bringing its north, or positive, poles closer to the stator’s south, or negative, poles). As soon as the poles align, the electrical current alternates their polarity so that the rotor can continue to spin.

So, how do you go about changing the direction of the motor? Essentially, you will need to switch the position and, therefore, the polarity of the rotor wires to achieve this.

Step 1: Unplug the motor and examine its housing to check for any wiring instructions (these may be on or near the data-plate, which is a stick or small metal sign). The instructions may also be in the terminal box or glued to the inside of its cover.

Step 2: Remove the terminal box housing by either prying it off or removing the screws. Examine the terminals; a standard motor will have two wires that are attached to terminal screws, which also have power cord wires joined to them.

Step 3: Loosen the terminal screws and remove the wires. Swap over their positions and warp the ends of the wires to the opposite terminal screws. Then, tighten the screws to secure the wires. Some more unusual motors may have four wires that you can swap around in a similar way.

Step 4: Look for a centrifugal switch that has been built onto the rotor; if your motor doesn’t have one you can ignore this step. You will need to change the position of the two starting lead wires; the wiring diagram should be able to provide you with the directions you need.

If you have correctly followed each of the above steps, your single phase electric motors should now spin in the opposite direction when turned on. This means that whatever application it was being used for should have been reversed, such as a machine running backwards instead of forwards. If the motor isn’t running as expected, you have missed one of the above steps.

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