What is Social Security Administration?

The United States of America has a Social Security program in place that acts as an independent agency monitoring and managing the distribution of funds to retired and disabled individuals as well as ‘survivors’. The funds to manage these programs come for the tax that American workers pay.

The program does not only assist these individuals in the financial sector, but also in the field of social well being and social insurance. These highly skilled individuals have a need to help develop their community and society as a whole.  Up until the 19th of January 2013, Michael J. Asture was the commissioner of the Social Security Administration as established by law.

Various individuals from various educational backgrounds can apply for a position at the Social Security Administration, and what makes it even better is that there are particular courses and programs to take, such as a Masters of Science in Social Security Administration.

Career Paths and Possibilities

Social Security Administration courses will prepare you to handle all the challenges in the workplace, inspire you to become a leader within your field and developed the skills and expertise to empower a community. As an employee at a Social Security Administration sector you will be able to influence others, locally, nationally and internationally. There are no boundaries as to how influential you can be, who knows, you might even become the next Michael J. Asture.

The great thing about an administration as big as the social security program in the United States is that they have a wide array of positions available in almost every field. These positions will require you to work with the public face to face and they have various positions available all across the country. See working for the Social Security Administration as a smart way to combine your vocational passions with your need to volunteer and help others.

These positions all have growing potential and challenges to keep you motivated and dedicated. This career path will allow you to make use of your great interpersonal skills and need for social justice.

Public Contact

These representatives are educated in the ins and outs of the Social Security Programs and state laws. As a public contact representative your tasks will include doing research and finding evidence to establish if individuals are eligible for benefits, speaking with individuals regarding their rights under the Social Security Law, making decisions that will determine the outcome and amounts of benefits distributed as well as updating the claims information sections.


Support positions at the Social Security Administration will include oral, written, planning and organizational skills and can be seen as an entry level position that might catapult you at a later stage. These individuals have the chance to become experts in their fields and gain experience that might lead to a leadership or senior executive positions.

Information Technology

The Information Technology sector of the Social Security Administration is known to be employ innovators and trendsetters in their fields. Their head office in Baltimore boasts to run the world’s largest computer installations. This position will most definitely be rewarding and challenging to Information Technologists.

Finance and Accounting

Social Security is seen as one of the largest federal agencies, so when it comes to job satisfaction in the financial and accounting sector, you will be not be disappointed. This position is integral to the success of the company and only individuals that aren’t daunted by the responsibilities including debt management, international direct deposit, monthly payments, domestic deposits as well as cost analysis, financial statements, program accounting and payment operations should apply.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team is responsible for bringing the magic to the company as a whole. Working in the Human Resources section will allow you to recruit individuals that are the perfect fit to work for Social Security. Not only will you manage the personnel and relationship between different offices, but you will have the change to bring your talent for customer services and human relations to the table.

The Work Environment

The work environment as the United States of America’s Social Security is as diverse as it gets. Here you will be influenced by leaders in their fields, the demographics of the population, size of the staff and mostly the fast pace and challenging environment.

How to Become the Commissioner of the SSA

As expected, this position is not for everyone, and apart from being an expert in your field and having loads of work experience, this position also needs a background in law and politics. With your Social Security Administration education you will be able to climb the corporate ladder in no time and help others by doing so.  Are you interested in? Start from here: socialworkdegree.case.edu.