Tasks related to business entrepreneurship have been rendered considerably easier, with the help of the various software applications and technologically advanced tools. In what follows, some such smart technological applications for business have been discussed upon.

There is no dearth of advanced technological tools and software applications, to make your day-to-day business activities quicker, smarter and more efficient. In fact, it can become rather impossible to manage all types of organizational operations, without the aid of modern-day technology. Over here, I will be listing out some high-utility technological solutions, which can help the owners of businesses of all types:

  • Microsoft CRM software – For holistic management of the marketing, finance, HR and all the other major departments of your organization – few other software tools can rival the functionalities of the Microsoft CRM software. It comes with fast and convenient internet support, and helps in efficiently conducting email campaigns too. You can manage workflows better, prepare smarter, scheduled reports, and audit the business database with Microsoft CRM as well. The multi-language support and the customized user interface are two of the several other high points of this highly popular business-related software.
  • Smartphone apps – Apart from the Microsoft CRM application, there are several other sophisticated business apps, which can be installed on your Smartphone. Right from the pretty basic Documents To Go, Evernote and Dropbox, to the more advanced Expensify and Business Card Reader – these apps are available in a wide range of varieties. Select the ones according to your precise requirements, and make your everyday business activities much more streamlined.
  • Anti-virus – Pretty basic, but often glossed over by many business owners. Make sure that all the computers/laptops in your organization have reliable anti-virus software applications installed in them. If you have to conduct business transactions on the move, your mobile handset, tablet and other handheld devices should also have protection against harmful malware. You won’t like losing valuable official data due to a virus attack, would you?
  • Video conferencing software – If your office has several branches at different geographical locations, organizing a meeting with all the employees would be pretty much impossible, right? Wrong! All that you need to do is start using sophisticated web conferencing applications (for example, Skype). You can choose from either the paid applications or their free counterparts – according to your exact requirements.
  • Data backup drives – You might have the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics GP and other really advanced business software tools – but what if the main data server at your organization crashes (such incidents do happen!)? Ideally, use a set of external disk drives, to take a backup of all the important files and documents from your system. If the volume of essential business data is on the lower side, you can also use Flash drives for the purpose.
  • Webmaster tools – Every modern-day business has a professional website to reach out to prospective customers over the web. Don’t lag behind, and prepare an optimized business website, to promote your operations and product/services. Technology comes to your aid over here as well, in the form of the webmaster tools of Google. You can easily keep a tab on visitor behavior on your website, check out the pertinent analytics and even frame strategies to build traffic over time. Sales figures would get a significant boost!

In addition to the above, you should also create a technologically advanced intranet network, to keep track of employee activities and other organizational going-ons. An accounting software should also be present, to function in collaboration with the Microsoft CRM software. Effective entrepreneurship requires smart usage of technology – and rising to the pinnacle of corporate success is not that difficult!

Author’s Bio: Joselin John is a traveler by passion and an eminent writer by profession. She regularly writes on the web too, on sophisticated software applications, technological solutions and business articles on finance and others. In this article, she lists out a few useful technological tools that would help in your entrepreneurial endeavors.