Do you have the skills to management events at a big level? Do you want to become a part of the glamorous service industry and want to try your luck in unconventional career options like hotel management and event management? If yes, then there can be nothing less rewarding and entertaining than making a career in event management.

What is Event Management?

Event management involves organizing, planning, and executing an event in a creative manner as per the needs of the client. Also known as ‘niche or experimental marketing’, it is an effective way of marketing demanded by various organizations. Event management industry offers services to a wide range of segments including fashion shows, music, sports, culture, award ceremonies, etc. Its facilities are in great demand in museums, exhibition halls, tourist attractions, hotels, and other destinations.

Why Event Management?

Event management is an emerging career option in India, which is increasingly being preferred by young professionals. It is considered to be a rising sector in service industry, especially due to a spurt in corporate events, conferences, parties, national festivals, educational events, exhibitions, and live entertainment shows at both national and international level. In present scenario, the event management sector in the country has become much more organized and noticeable than few years back. Whether it is a public happening or a private event, the trend is to organize everything at a grand scale. Consequently, the demand for event managers is increasing giving rise to a large number of job opportunities.

Courses & Institutes

In India, several institutes offer undergraduate, postgraduate as well as diploma courses in event management. Some of the event management courses include Facility Management, PG diploma in Event Management, MBA in Media and Event Management, PG diploma in PR and Event Management, etc. Some of the reputed institutes in India that offer event management courses include:

  • Pearl Academy, Delhi
  • Institute of Integrated Marketing Communication and Management, Delhi
  • Gurukul Institute, Kolkata
  • National Academy of Event Management & Development (NAEMD), Jaipur
  • First Academy of Media and Entertainment (FAME), Bhubaneswar
  • Indira School of Event Management, Pune
  • EMDI Institute of Media and Communication, Bhopal

Skills Required

To become a successful event manager, certain qualities are required. These include:

  • Organization skills- Organizing an event as per the requirement of the client is crucial, which requires organization skills.
  • Time management- Time should be managed in such a way that it is executed as per planning without waste of time.
  • Creativity- Creativity and innovative thinking is all that can make your event different and successful.
  • Presentation skills- It plays a crucial role in event management. An event can be successful only if it is presented and executed effectively.
  • Communication skills- As an event manager, a person needs to meet clients and interact with them. This requires excellent communication skills.
  • Crisis skills- A talented professional is one who has crisis skills to manage last minute crisis or problems in an event.

Event management involves multiple activities and offer bright career prospects. So, start early to secure a promising future for you!

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