Irrespective of any circumstances, if you are in search for a helping hand with your career, reading this blog would be useful. If you are looking for a promising career in embedded software engineering in the UK here is a list describing the types of jobs available for you. Hopefully, all these types’ of jobs will be able to assist you in finding the one that suits your educational qualifications and other requirements. Let us take a look at it.

Job Title: BSP technical lead

Job Description: As a technical leader of a team your key responsibilities are to define, estimate and coordinate projects. You will have to work with the line management and project management team to improve efficiency of the entire team. You have to be quick, technically sound and should be able to optimally assign the team’s resources across various projects.

Desired Skills and Experience: You should hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s or even PhD in electronics engineering, computer science or any related subjects with a decent academic record. You also need to have experience in BSP creation, low level programming skills including C so as to be and comfortable with configuration control practice.

Job Title: embedded software development engineer

Job description: Your task as a software developer involves designing custom software and making developments to the existing products. You should have the abilities to work independently as well as with the sales, marketing team and clients to ensure software excellence levels and produce product specifications. Your responsibility as a developer also includes analysis of software issues.

Desired Skills and Experience:  you should hold a bachelor’s degree in software or electrical engineering. Experience in embedded C, Microsoft windows based development environment or Microsoft Visual Studio is an added advantage.

Job Title: system debugger/ system integration engineers

Job Description: As a systems integration engineer you need to participate in multidisciplinary research. As a debugger you have to collaborate with designs, layouts, and utilisation of efficiency and output; enhance layout tools and design rule checkers. You may also need to regulate computer user needs; design and develop assemblers and compilers.

Desired skills and Experience: Holding a BE/BTech or masters’ in engineering is a priority. You must have a thorough knowledge about 2G and 3G protocols, C, C++, assembler, debugging and debugging tools. You should also be quick in grasping foreign architecture and SW code.

Job Title: embedded video software engineers

Job Description: As an engineer in this field you need to develop video conferencing software in an embedded multithreaded and multiprocessor real time environment. You should be able to apply high level “C” programming and debugging skills in developing key video software framework and components.

Desired Skills and Experience:  One must hold a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, computer science or any foreign equivalent. You also need to have experience in debugging software or programming, developing software in Linux or working with media framework of Android.

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