Although everyone knows that a pair of skinny jeans would always look good on a woman, do you think a man would look good in them if they had a version for men? While there may be a few styles available for men, skinny jeans have also become popular for the group.


Most of the time, these jeans would be considered playful and casual. However, it is not limited to a certain age. Any man can wear them just as long as it suits their frame. This being said, it means that the pair of skinny jeans should not be too tight or too uncomfortable. The individual does not have to suffer comfort to be able to look good. Since skinny jeans are not the typical kind that most men would grab when planning to take their dogs for a walk, it may strike some curious as to where should these jeans be fitted? Which are the best ones that can make a guy look effortlessly good? Are there things that you should know about these jeans before wearing them?


Skinny jeans were the fad during the 50’s and were mostly worn by punks, actors, skaters, singers and other kinds guys. Although there are some particular kinds of body types that a wearer must have to look good in a pair, it does not mean that one should stop experimenting. It was said that pulling off these fads would need the person to have legs that are tapered or skinny, muscular and a bit curvy. The most important thing that a wearer should have when strutting these jeans is confidence. You could not look your best if you do not have the confidence on how you look. The more confident you appear, the better you will appear.


To be specific, men would need to be in good shape to look good in these jeans. Some have the opinion that a well-fitted shirt would go along with it. Just like any other jeans, it would be best if they were the proper size so as to have comfort and ease.


Although skinny jeans are usually worn by punks, singers, actors and the like, you do not have to be one just to fit into these jeans. You should only have the right personality and be yourself. This would mean that if you work as an accountant who happens to enjoy preppie clothing, you might feel like an unhappy undercover agent working for the FBI the moment you slip into your skinny jeans. Unless you completely feel comfortable in wearing them and be content about it, do not wear it.

The best brand should be with spandex. This might be tricky since the major brands that have incorporated spandex into their jeans do not boldly advertise that detail. This is for the main reason that most men would think that it is effeminate, a sense that it is somewhat made of the same material with women’s clothing, only in larger sizes.


Women enjoy shopping and looking for apparels while they go on a spree. In comparison, men would just like to get to the point of what they are exactly looking for. So here are some of the specific brands that they can check out.

  • RSQ Vancouver Slim Slouch Skinny Jeans
  • Levi 510 Super Skinny Jeans
  • Division 7 Slim Straight-Marbled Skinny Jeans
  • Levi 511Skinny Extra Slim Jeans
  • RSQ London Skinny Jeans

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