Computers have entirely taken over the world. Particularly, professionals and students, who spend most of their time working on PCs, cannot even imagine the world without computers. Computers are helpful for both personal and professional purposes, which is why they are deemed valuable in daily lives. Therefore, everyone loves to keep computer system working well and running faster. However, sometimes software issueregistry cleaner_registry recyclers influence its speed because of which you experience slow speed.

Combating these issues is imperative to speed up your computer. Fortunately, there are several ways one can use in order to make PC run faster. If you are struggling with your computer speed, you need to consider following speed increasing computer tips:

Regularly Check Up Your Hard Disk

Considering it a new one, you might not much take care of your Hard Disk Initially. However, with passage of time, it is tainted physically as well as digitally. Therefore, you are advised to keep a check of your Hard Disk’s health regularly. It will allow you to avoid Errors and Damages Sectors that actually become the reason why your PC tends to behave below par. Here are few steps for checking Disk’s Drive health:

  1. Go to your Hard Drives by double clicking “My Computer”, “Right Click the drive you need to check,” select “Properties”, and click “Tools”.
  2. Next step is to click “Check Now” mentioned in the “Error-Checking” section.
  3. A new Window will appear on your screen in which you should check both of the options i.e. “Automatic Fix File System Errors”, and “Scan For and Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors”. This will initiate an automatic Error Check on the particular Disk Drive and may take a considerable time according to its size.

Eradicate Startup Delay

Startup delay is another major factor that often influences the speed of PC. In order to get your computer Faster, you will have either to eliminate or reduce this delay. You can easily do that by setting Boot Delay to 0 from default value 30. Following are tips to do eliminate startup delay:

  1. Go to “Start” menu, click “Run”, type “msconfig”, and click “Ok”.
  2. A new Window i.e. “System Configuration Utility” will open.
  3. Click “Boot” tab on the window to change default setting for the time out from 30 to any number you want. Usually, recommended time out number is 3.

Clean Registry

Cleaning registry is also very important in order to enhance your PC performance. You can clean registry of your computer manually as well as using registry cleaner. Normally, people prefer reliable registry cleaners like Registry Recycler instead doing it manually. A registry cleaning software optimizes the performance of your Window.