The new MySpace is a makeover appropriately done to make the space focused on bringing music closer to the people. The social net work site has followed very normal direction of transforming its old face to a new one that goes with the generations Y and Z. In fact, the new generation MySpace has repositioned itself for exclusive support to the performing arts, and even creative designers.  The website has made better use of its license of accessing the huge reservoir of music libraries and taken the route of allowing music lovers create a myriad of playlists to enjoy with their friends and dear ones.

The new MySpace is the outcome of sequential development of the network over its original construct. MySpace commenced with immense popularity among youngsters since nothing better existed for comparison. The second stage of social networking saw arrival of Facebook giving a blow to the popularity of MySpace despite their efforts to put it back on the track. The new MySpace is fresh recharge landing into the niche where possibilities existed – bringing the performance and performers nostalgically close in a very new dimension.  It has caught the cherished attention as dreamed.   Although the company still allows option for choosing either the original version or the new one, but how long depends.

The comeback of MySpace in its strikingly attractive new form makes interaction easier between celebrities and the fans. The user profile of new façade of MySpace is arranged in impacting the space with more like a landing space for individuals and the artists as guys form the same stream, prominent photos and large text boxes with integration of Facebook users are a much smart moves featuring the new design.   It is just a significantly cleaner designing with a stronghold for music.

The performers or celebs get signed up with the new MySpace for their identified stream of performance. It is now more a space belonging to marketers of performance – musicians, filmmakers, comedians, DJs, entertainers, TV anchors and so on, but essentially you too on your personal capacity. The requirement for sign up is a simple cover picture of 1024×768 pixels. That is just the swish start; connect with anybody sharing same thoughts in music and movies or other arts faculties. Exchange photos, share ideas, and enjoy a performance and discuss, analyse or something better.  A whole lot better ground for the musicians to upload their live videos, songs, photos, interact, update or fix up shows – all just to begin exploring its limitless possibilities. It is very same for comedians, filmmakers, entertainers and others.