Electric motors has found its uses in number of applications and is therefore extremely popular all over the country. They are popularly used in different electric products including blowers, pumps, industrial fans, machine tools, household appliances, power tools, disk drivers etc. and also in heavy machineries, vehicles and in other such products. Single phase motor is among the most popular electric machine which is used for producing mechanical energy with the help of electric energy.

  • They are now an essential requirement of various electrical appliances and other important household tools. They can be powered either by a direct current source or by the alternating current source. All such motors that can be used with AC source as well as DC source of supply voltages are known as Universal Motors.
  • Single phase motors uses a pulsating magnetic field rather than a rotating magnetic field and uses an auxiliary winding for their startup.  Over the past few years, there has been an increasing demand of Single Phase Motors because of their number of valuable advantages. They are used in number of electrical home appliances such as microwave oven, mixer grinder, refrigerator, washing machines, cooler, pump and many more.

Their reasonable cost, high functionality, performance and durability are some of the important factors which have greatly contributed in their increasing popularity. Their superior performance has made the working process a lot easier and faster. Timely check up and routine maintenance makes them highly durable and functional. There are many companies available in the online market that provides quality services and that too at a reasonable cost. However, only after a careful and detailed research you should purchase them for your needs.