It really doesn’t take a techie to learn how to convert RM to mp3; not only are there programs available on the Internet, but many are free. There are also websites that allow you to make the conversion without downloading software at all.

Online Conversions

This is by far the simplest way to make the conversion; just look for an RM/mp3 converter site in a search engine. Go to one of those websites and you will see how easy the process is. Look for a File button and start browsing for the RM file you want converted. When you have selected the file, set the output to mp3 if isn’t already so. Some websites may require you to accept their terms of use first by clicking accept.

After accepting the agreement, click the convert button. The length of the conversion process depends on how large the mp3 file is and your Internet connection. After the conversion, click the link that will be provided so you can download the file.


Converting with Jodix

Step 1

Download the Jodix application and install it on your computer. Launch the program after the installation is complete.

Step 2

Click “add files” and look for the RM file you want to convert.

Step 3

Once you load the RM file, click Start to begin the conversion.

Step 4

Double click the file to open it. Note that it is in the same folder as the original.


Convert with Audio Converter

After the program has been installed, choose “add files”. When you find your file, go to “Convert To,” and choose Mp3. Under “directory” choose a folder where to save the converted file. Click convert. When the process is finished, get it from the destination folder.


Convert with JetAudio

This is the basic version of the program, but it will do the conversion just fine.

Step 1

Again, start by downloading and installing the program. Double click its icon to start it up.

Step 2

Look for the RM file under My Media.

Step 3

Choose mp3 as the output format and click the convert button. The converted file will be stored in whatever folder you specified under “target”.


Other Conversion Programs

There are lots of software that can do the conversion job too. Like the others shown here, it is very easy and the steps are automated. You basically follow the same steps: download the program, install it and add the file(s). The next step is to select mp3 as the output format and choose which folder to save it to. Now all you have to do is click convert and wait.


Other Information

RM stands for Real Media, a format created by Real Networks for its native audio format. Mp3 on the other hand, refers to the MPEG-1 or MPEG 2 Audio Layer 3 format. Mp3 is the most popular audio format on the Internet. While every major player today supports it, the same cannot be said for RM. So if you have some RM files, you can convert them using any of the applications above.

If you are trying to learn how to convert RM to mp3, check the features of the programs before you download them. Many allow you to convert several files at once. This is a great feature especially if you have a lot of files. However, you need to be patient, because converting a lot of audio files takes time. It will also use most of your computer’s resources.


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