Love to eat quality, authentic Italian food? You don’t have to travel to Italy for that! Right at the heart of Dublin, Ireland, you can discover a host of fine Italian restaurants – just like I have!

Good food and great music – these are the two things I simply cannot do without in life. You might find me just a tad snooty, but a weekend seems rather incomplete for me without lunching at a nice Italian restaurant – after a round of the local music stores. I am pretty much thankful to live in Dublin, Ireland – which is a virtual haven for lovers of Italian cuisine in Dublin. I would here be writing about some of the dishes that I order practically every time I visit a good Italian restaurant in my city:

  • Soup – More specifically, the Minestrone Soup. It goes beyond me why most of my buddies are not in favor of having soups as starter items. I mean, which other Italian starter offers that ideal mix of taste and hygiene – as soups do? Minestrone Soup with fresh breadsticks – absolutely yum!
  • Insalata – Oh yes, I love salads – and I firmly believe that some of the best salads are available at the top Italian restaurants in Dublin. I generally go for the variety with freshly-sliced tomato, mozzarella cheese and avocado in it. I first tried it at the renowned Toscana restaurant, and have fallen in love with this salad ever since!
  • Pasta – Pizza-lovers won’t agree with me – but isn’t pasta just a li’l bit tastier and more filling? I, at least, think so – and regularly order the Agnolotti pasta at the Italian eateries during my weekend luncheon binges. The Tuscan chicken pasta is yet another favorite Italian cuisine of mine.
  • Chicken wings – Were you thinking that I religiously stay away from all things fried (as many of my lady friends do?) during my Italian lunches? I don’t dear readers! I love the crispy chicken wings that feature in the menus of most of the Dublin restaurants. Oh, and I am choosy here too – for I always order the variety that has a hint of corn in it!
  • Steak dishes – There was a time when I did not think beyond grilled chicken as the ideal side dish for my meals – but that was before I (my taste buds, to be more exact!) came across the various yummy steak preparations at the local Italian restaurants. I generally alternate between the sirloin and the venison varieties – and find them equally lip-smacking! Which one do you prefer?
  • Spaghetti – My colleagues at office say that I don’t eat enough – but that’s probably because they only catch me eating on weekdays! During my weekend visits to Italian restaurants, I often (read: always!) order a dish of spaghetti, once I am done with the pasta. Egg and pancetta are the two things I love to have in my spaghetti preparations. I even tried to cook spaghetti at home during last week (admittedly, with limited success!).
  • Lasagne – Lasagne of different types also feature in my preferred list of Italian dishes. If you haven’t tried lasagne dishes with fresh mushroom and mozzarella cheese – I guess you are doing your gastronomic juices a disfavor!
  • Tiramisu – Which weekend luncheon can ever finish without a nice dessert? I go the traditional way on this count – and order Tiramisu, that well-known Italian dessert, to wrap up my weekend lunch in style. A flavor of coffee and a scent of Marsala wine – nothing elaborate, but really, really tasty!

I had also tried duck preparations during one of my weekend Italian lunches a month or so back – but did not really fancy it. The food at most of the well-known Italian restaurants in Dublin is of the finest quality – much to my delight. If you appreciate good food – Italian cuisine is something that you too would surely love!

Author’s Bio: Joselin John is a renowned author. She regularly writes on the web, on a variety of health, diet and lifestyle issues. In here, she lists out some of her favorite preparations at the Italian restaurants in Dublin.