Lawrence Richards, the world famous architecture has referred the Toronto city as a big mix of periods and styles as it houses many structures which display the excellent architecture of different periods and styles. While walking through the busy streets there I really felt it as real.

I was on a business trip to Toronto. Though it was only for a fortnight, it remains in my memories even now. The experience I got there was wonderful. When I received the intimation from my head office to report at our Toronto office I was quite surprised. I did not get much time for bargaining for best airfares. Though there are many airlines such as Air Canada, Air Jamaica etc which offer cheap tickets, I could not get any ticket in those cheap flights to Toronto. However, as the work assigned to me there was very important and I could not waste time for cheap tickets to Toronto, I decided to go with some other flights. I reached there in one of the ordinary flights to Toronto and started the work from the day one of my arrival.

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Though it was an important task, I could complete it within a few days. I still had time as my return ticket was booked for a later date. I did not want to postpone it. Instead I decided to enjoy the city life for quite some time.

The largest city in Canada is well developed in all aspects. With many hotels and resorts, it provides all necessary infrastructure facilities to the visitors. Recently it has achieved the status of a favorite tourist spot too.

As mentioned earlier, the main attraction of the city is its architecture. Though many of the important structures have been destroyed in 1960’s and 1970’s, some of them have rebuilt with modern technology, but in the old style. Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario are the two places where you can see the cultural heritage of Canada. Another attraction related to the heritage is the distillery district where a large collection of Victorian Industrial Architect is preserved. This is considered as the best and largest collection of this kind in entire North America.

The city has many parks and open places which function as the lungs of the city and provide good air. Many parks such as Allen Gardens, Moss Park etc are crowded in the evenings with denizens. There are facilities for various types of recreation too in these parks.

The city is having very good cultural history too. Toronto, which is the home to National Ballet of Canada and Canadian Opera Company, has many venues for performing arts too. I could participate in two or three such cultural events where I could see quite a good number of foreigners too. Ontario Palace, world’s first I max movie theater is another attraction here. CN tower is the most important tourist attraction here. A view of the city from the top of the tower will never get faded from your memories. Though there are many other areas to be visited, I could not do that as I had very limited days. Now I am planning for a personal trip to Toronto in the near future.