A generator is one of the most useful items in a house. It provides emergency power and helps in reducing your electricity cost. To ensure that your home generator performs smoothly, regular maintenance check is required. Look on how you can maintain your generator effectively.
Service the generator: Make sure that you service the generator twice a year. Many people think that this rule is applicable only for generators that are used regularly. This is a big misconception. You need to service the generator even if you do not use it regularly. Remember that the regular servicing of the generator is important. If you do not follow this rule, there are high chances that your generator will not work properly at the time of need.
The average time of a service session takes around 1hr.
Do not choose to service your generator during unfavorable weather conditions. It is advisable that you choose spring and autumn as the time for carrying out this activity.
Record: To keep a track of the number of service done, create a maintenance record book. After every service session, note down the date. Additionally, also note down the type of issues fixed in the generator.
How to service the generator
•    First and foremost, look for elements like loose wires, frayed wiring, corroded elements, stuck buttons, loose connections etc. Look into the place around the generator. Make sure that this place is clean. In case of any dirt present there, clean it immediately. Remember that dirt around a generator will affect its performance.

•    Fix any loose wires and frayed wiring system. Be careful when you do this. In case you do not have much generator information, seek professional advice. Remember when it comes to fixing wiring issues, it is better to be safe.
•    Check the level of the distilled water in the battery. If the water level is low, fill up to the required mark.
•    Make sure to check the battery voltage. It is advisable to replace the battery in every 2-3 years.
•    Read the manufacturer’s instructions and change the lubricant oil. Many people change the lubricant oil in every 6 months. Do not do this. Irrespective of the fact whether the generator is used or not, always change the lubricant oil once in a year. Make sure that you note down the date of oil change in your maintenance record book. This will help you to keep a track of the whole process and you can schedule the next oil change accordingly.
•    For air-cooled machines, you need to replace the oil after 30-40 hours of their continuous run time. Remember to use synthetic oil in these machines.
•    For liquid cooled machines, you need to replace the oil after 100 hours of their continuous run time.
•    Check the oil level on a regular basis. In case of low level, fill it up immediately.
•    Check the spark plugs in the generator. It is better to change the spark plugs once in a year.
•    The bolts of the generator get loose after some time. This happens due to the vibration of the generator. When you check the bolts also make sure to check the piston and the gasket head. If they are cracked, replace them immediately.
•    You will need a generator technician to check some parts like turbocharger, automatic voltage regulator, fuel pump and injectors.
•    It is advisable that you start up the generator regularly. Make sure that you start up the generator after every service session. This will tell you if the generator is working properly or not.

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