LTE refers to Long Term Evolution. In simple words LTE is better known as 4G to the general public. A wireless communication of its kind provides high speed uninterrupted data which can be widely used for telecommunications. The use of DSP [Digital Signal Processing] technique is a major USP of LTE

To begin with LTE with its entire power packed feature set is a revolution within itself. It is an outcome of various collaborations among the researchers, technologists, vendors and telecom operators across the globe. LTE is a long term technology which enables high speed internet at affordable prices which in turn can result in economic and technological development. A boom period can be experienced in the economy with the introduction of LTE which can benefit the rural and ultra urban structure of the world. This evolution of technology can be said as one step ahead of the 3G architecture which is currently built up across with reduced transfer latency.

Prominent Features of LTE:

1. Improved support for Mobility with reference to extended frequency bands especially during the Roaming phases.

2. Lightning speed at affordable rates. This ensures LTE technology resides in every home with a data connection.

3. Increased “Spectrum Flexibility” is an add-on feature of 4G.This provides seamless connection to the internet without interruptions and allows hassle free set up.

4. Dedicated frequency bands for urban and rural areas without hampering the performance of the data connection.

5. High definition voice and image quality connects people across nations through applications and software for connectivity such as SKYPE, VIBER etc which are next gen evolutionary methods of communication.

6 .An expertise outcome is a key towards growth and development of technological boom period.

Advantages of LTE:

LTE within itself is an achievement for the current generation. Innumerable communication apps can be derived from this technological invention.
1. LTE allows multiple users to use the same frequency that result in the increasing manifold of Mobile Broadband users.

2. Orthogonal is the answer to the disturbances of various channels that LTE differentiates within the frequencies.

3.  Quick data rate transfer with the use of radio waves as compared to 3G networks which again work on the same bandwidth. Performance of 4g In this case is way ahead of 3G.

4. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an added advantage offered by LTE which makes it better in terms of Data capacity.

5. LTE reduces traffic and helps in the delivery of products and data across major channels of communication.

6. Existing broadband providers over the world have this benefit of LTE to set up through the current network base and switch over and upgrade to this technology without any hassles.

7. LTE allows the applications persisting on the market to run at a better and an economic speed as well as allows better interface over new applications.

8. Through the VoLGA i.e. the generic access, LTE can ensure offering SMS as well as Voice based services like SKYPE.

A well defined set-up towards this miraculous technology can affect the latest trends in the market and hence can lead towards a new path of communication. Thus LTE can thus be a reason to bring the world closer and make it a better place to live in.

Steffany Kellam has long experience in web hosting company and communication one as well.