The basic of any SAP (Systems Applications and Products) project is to configure systems that are necessary to carry on business operations. Here the SAP developers’ job becomes challenging. The functional and technical knowledge of these professionals has to be connected and modulated on the basis of a company’s business processes. As a developer you have to concentrate how the system will support vendors, customers, employees and more.

This is a complex matter and will take enough time before going live. Developers have to test repeatedly and check quality in order to make sure that the system is designed properly. The complexity of the project determines how many people can be involved in such a project.

In past, job was not a problem for those who had the word” SAP” mentioned in their resume. Does the magic of this word still work? SAP professionals are still considered as vital part of the organisation but getting placed as a developer in this field has become challenging.

Essential education

Most employers desire that the candidate seeking jobs in this sector must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or business management. Financial and database management skills will better your prospect in the field of job search. In order to advance your career you may think of having a master’s degree. However, no formal education can help you to land up successfully in an SAP developer job. Training courses that are specially designed to make you understand about the developer job are essential to step in this career.

Apart from technical know how, it is essential to have strong communication and negotiation skills, ability to work in a team, expertise to deal with emergency situations and the aptitude to understand businesses.

Ways to find jobs

This field is highly specialised and complicated. Thus, opportunities in this field are limited. Recruitment is either done through employee referrals or with assistance from specialist recruiters. If you have settled to select this career path you have to enhance networks or registered with a specialist recruitment agency dealing with SAP jobs. It is beneficial to enrol with specialist recruitment firms as they can help to formulate an industry specific resume, provide interview tips or suggest suitable jobs matching your requirements. There is various other information that these recruitment specialists offer. You may click here to find out more about the average salary structure for different SAP developer jobs and essential qualities that employers are currently demanding from their SAP professionals. There is enough scope to grow in this field of SAP.