There are several reasons why you should add images to the articles on your website. For instance, it improves your SEO and it gives your readers a better experience visually. However, finding the perfect website image is a bit of an art. So, what makes a great website image?

Relevant Images that Tell a Story


Stories You Like

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When selecting images for your website, it’s really important that they are relevant to your content. For instance, if you’re writing an article about how to use mobile apps to enhance the experience of a football game, it’s better to have a picture of a person on their phone on some bleachers, rather than a picture of a quarterback. Using generic photos will turn your readers off or distract them from the purpose of your article.

People that Look Real


Model: Kavya Shetty

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One problem with stock photography is that a lot of the time the people in the images are models or Photoshopped. This doesn’t always match the message you want to send your readers. So, it’s always best to find images where people look realistic and match your company or brand image. You should also look for pictures where nobody is looking at the camera. These are the most realistic and unobtrusive to your readers.

Images that Are Cropped to Focus on What’s Important


Crop only of Convolvulus

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Your website images aren’t going to add much to your content if it isn’t clear what you want the reader to get from them. You can fix this problem by cropping your images to focus on the important parts. Use the rule of thirds, which means to imagine there is a grid on your image where the most important part is at the two-thirds location.

Unique Images that Are Not Overused


Stand Out from The Crowd Unique Golf Tee Game September 19, 20119

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If you’re not creating unique images for your website, make sure you’re not selecting the images that everyone else uses. The best way to avoid this is to dig deeper than the third page of image results. People recognize when they’ve seen an image before, so it’s especially important never to use the same image twice on your website.

Clear Images That Are Not Out of Focus



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Nothing is more annoying than reading a good article and then seeing a blurry image that adds nothing to the content. Some people are tempted to use images with a low resolution to speed up their website’s load speed. This is definitely a factor when choosing images, but having high-quality images is better than low resolutions that make them look blurry.

When selecting images for your website a powerful and easy to use free website resource like a photography site is very helpful. You don’t have to spend a lot of time taking photos for all of your articles when you can find images for free that will suit your purposes. There are several websites where you can go to get free images. Using stock photography can save you time, but you still need to be selective when choosing your images. Sometimes it’s better to leave them out if you can’t find something suitable

Do you have any other tips for people when choosing images for a website?