Table decor


Decorating with candles is quite common nowadays. People can achieve certain visual effects and atmosphere simply by putting candles within the room. For example, when people want to set a romantic mood, they can put small candles along with rose petals on the floor. If they want to make a room look bigger with dramatic effect, they can put a chandelier in front of the mirror so the effects can be even more stunning . As long as they find some decorating tips and ideas with candles, people can really improve the look and atmosphere of any space. Candles are great gift ideas too and they are becoming more popular every day.

People mostly have wrong ideas about candles thinking that they are only useful when it is dark or when there is a power outage. Candles can do more than that. Today’s candles are coming in different sizes, shapes, and also colors. They can be placed on a chandelier, special candle holder, or simply put on the flat surface. When people want to decorate their personal living space, placing colorful candles here and there can really bring nice and attractive visual effects and the great thing is: they even don’t have to be lit! Different shapes, colors or the various heights can really make drastic change to a dull room. These beautiful decorative items can be made at home. Think of your own handmade candles as gifts. All you need is a little time and patience and you will easily learn how to make candles yourself. Then you can give them to the loved ones and make them feel special.

So, how should people start using candles as a part of their personal décor? Here are some decorating tips and ideas:

Combine different shapes and heights

When gathering several candles together, be sure to use different heights so that the whole setting looks lively. People don’t have to add other accessories that would attract the attention right into the spot. Simply varying the shapes, colors, or heights can really make everything different. Still, for those who like mixing, adding pebbles, petals or crystals can be a good idea.

Try using the mirror

Mirrors are very useful and handy for achieving great visual effects. A mirror can be a base of the candle making with a twin effect. It is also great to put crystal glass, container, or holder in front of the mirror too.

Include scents

Today’s candles come with different scents. Even when they aren’t lit, the smell can really add to the atmosphere within the room. Sometimes it is okay to combine the scents together, as long as they are refreshing addition to the room. Try mixing scents. It is way better than using air fresheners. Consider changing the colors according to the seasons. For example, use can use yellow or bright red for the summer and green or mocha for fall. It would be better to choose smooth and soft colors, instead of strong and dark ones regardless the season.

Use decorative holders

Instead of simply placing candles on the table, consider putting them inside glass bowls and fill them with shells or colorful marbles. It would make the whole setting wonderful.

If you are still not sure whether to try candle decorating, search the web or ask your friends for ideas. Try home and décor magazines too. There are various suggestions and ideas concerning tips for using candles to decorate your home and no one should spend a fortune anymore in order to have nicely decorated living space.