DIHw_20951_RGBWe are all the consumers of online businesses now. Before around a decade, we did not have the idea of how easy it would be to buy and sell online. With websites that provide a junction online for buyers and sellers for any kind of product and service, the World Wide Web has made it easier for all of us to communicate with any kind of business and run an online business as well. This saves us all time and energy to shop in the physical markets and go through the hassle of finding what we are looking for in real.

Nowadays, it is hard to survive in the physical world when there is so much competition between companies and businesses. In the past, bulk marketing and bulk product selling was very common. People were not aware of the fact that they had special, unique kind of needs that could be satisfied by unique products, targeted individually to them. The consumerism was huge and the competition was low. Internet however changed a lot of that into personalization of products and customization of needs. People now are more aware of their requirements than before and they want instant replied from product/services companies that they buy from. That is why online businesses and marketing are two common concepts. The public relations and websites are linked together by mobile marketing and that is how the QR code concept has been derived.

1) People usually link the QR codes with their desktop websites. The desktop websites can be contacted through your computers and PC’s that have the much processing power to load pages online. People nowadays use mobile phones to see websites. A QR coding that guides people to a desktop website is not good enough. Mobile website links should be initiated in the QR coding so that the mobile phones can easily target customers to the appropriate links of websites. QR coding is not QR code marketing. These are two entirely different concepts and you should be able to resolve the issues between the two through the help of mobile websites.

However, people make many errors while they generate QR codes for their businesses. Some of the errors are as follows that you would also want to avoid if you have to maintain a successful traffic over your business website.

2) People use information in the QR codes that is not at all relevant to the type of business they have. The QR code should contain proper links and email addresses to guide the traffic to relevant pages online. Many people get their attention distorted due to fake or irrelevant information in the codes. This is why, most of the market on the consumers’ side is not aware of the advantages and the ease of use of QR codes.

3) People use QR codes that cannot be properly tracked due to a broken link in them. That is why most of the QR codes fail to be processed. Although the apps and the software that track the codes are good enough but if the information is not proper, the code scanners will not be able to help the consumers get guided to links they are looking for. This creates a fuss in the online traffic and it means that lesser traffic will be guided to websites from other online marketing means.

There are so many other errors as well quite common to the QR code generation and the use of QR code generators. However, this is just the prototype phase for this kind of marketing. In some years’ time, the QR codes will become common, that now the only 10% market scanning codes will become almost 80-90%.

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