Painfully bright paint bucket

It is not easy to decide on the color of the paint that you want to use for the exterior of your house. You need to visualize as to how your house will look after it is painted. This is especially true, if you are planning to completely change the colors. Additionally, it also involves selecting a number of matching paint colors for the shutters, trim and doors. Some of the things that you can do to make the process of selecting exterior paint easier are as follows:

Decide on the number of paint colors that you will need for the exterior of your house. Some of the modern homes are provided with windows having metal frames. They may not be required to be painted. However, they may have eaves. They will have to be painted using a color that is contrasting to the siding. If the windows of your house have trims and shutters, then you will have to first decide as to how many paint colors that you want to use. Typically, you can use one color for the exterior siding, a second shade for exterior trim and a third color for the shutters and doors. For the exterior trim, off-white or white is the most commonly used color so that a contrasting and attractive look can be created.

In order to get a classy look, you must choose colors that blend well with bricks for siding and trim. If your home is made of brick, you can choose a paint color for the trim that matches with that of the mortar. Moreover, the exterior paint color that you choose must blend with the color of the roof as well.

When you are ready to shop for paints, pick up brochures for exterior paints from your local paint stores or home improvement centers. The brochures will have suggested color combinations for better appearance. Typically, they will have both traditional and modern paint color suggestions. You could also visit reputable home builders and designers in your local area (additional info) and find out about styles and designs that would be best for your house.

You can also take a drive through your neighborhood, identify homes similar to yours and see if they have used the colors that you like. You can then make use of a color deck to match colors.

If you can get hold of design software that enables you to download a photograph of your home, you can probably experiment with different color options and see how your house will look after it is painted. Some paint manufacturers sell such software that can help you with digital painting or provide downloads for free.

It is a good idea to get sample packs of paint first and try them out. Select an area that is large enough for trial painting so that you can get a fair idea as to how your house will once fully painted. You may allow sufficient drying time as the colors can change a little bit after it cures.

If it is difficult for you to visualize the appearance of your home after painting, take a look at some of the home designs and identify one that is closely similar to yours. Ultimately, your home should reflect your personality. The exterior of your house should speak of your well-deserved success, reflect style and be contemporary. You may prefer bold colors or understated neutral tones. You can visit the websites of some of the home builders who provide the service of recommending color schemes. You may even be able to browse their extensive selection of cool or bright colors.