Performing art forms have been one of the prime sources of human entertainment since time immemorial. During the initial days, it was the groups of vagabond actors, who would travel from one place to the other performing plays based on moral stories and influenced by heavy references to God. A literary historian would call this period, the age of miracle and morality plays. However, as days went by, this form of art underwent several change and influences. There was even a time when theater and plays were banned. However, the revival of such an elegant art was inevitable. With playwrights known as the University wits and their great successor William Shakespeare, visual arts reached great levels. The legacy was and is being carried forward by several other dramatists.


Coming Of Cinema and the Birth of HD

Visual arts was yet to develop, and during the 40s and the 50s with the help of photographic pioneers willing to experiment with the form with several cameras, movies were on their way. Since then movies have undergone lot of developments. The pinhole bioscope viewing experience was extinct with the coming of movie theaters, black and white films became colored features. Almost all countries started their own film industries, with Hollywood becoming one of the biggest industries of the world. Today, High Definition technology is the new language of world cinema. Filmmakers have taken that step towards technology and are making 3D films, using the motion capture technique and creating worlds that were hitherto never experienced.

Fantasy Films in HD

Film buffs often wonder what an experience would it have been if The Wizard of Oz (1939) were released today, at this age of HD. The film was itself a revolutionary piece as far as technology was concerned at that point of time. It is true of this particular genre of films, i.e. fantasy, that it is best experienced when seen in high definition. A fantasy film can never be fully enjoyed if it is not watched in good quality. HD movies offer crystal clear images and edgy movie-watching experience. An HD movie is so clear that it makes you feel that you within the film, it is as if you can almost touch the surroundings, speak to the characters and live the movie in all together.

HD Viewing of Adventure Films

Another genre that is best experienced in HD is adventure. Since adventure films mainly deal with characters trotting the globe in demand of the plot, you might not be transported to a fairyland, but will obviously get to have a glimpse of several cities of the world. Now, when you travel the glove with these characters you shall have the most realistic experience, if the film is watched in HD.

HD movies are available on rentals from various online movie sites. You can also search the local video library for HD movies. Therefore, there is no point in sticking to the old forms of film viewing when HD is available so handy.

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