Mid-sized companies can breathe easier now with the introduction of Cognos Express. This IBM business intelligence software is made specifically for them.

With this software, each member of the company is equipped with the needed tools in order to perform better when in comes to data analysis, reporting, planning, budgeting and more.

  • It has a very effective server for in-memory analytics that allows rapid response to questions concerning the business and ensures that any changes of data are processed properly and that the members are updated continuously.
  • it has a web portal that can be accessed by members and gives a single shared outlook of the business.
  • it has a simple console that manages the operation, configuration and control installation.
  • it has a single sign-on feature that permits a secure interface.
  • it has a flexible access to data sources

Key Features to Consider in Cognos Express

1. Reporter

This provides a comprehensive, self-service reporting and an enquiry for specific data for midsize organizations and workgroups. It authorizes access by separate users create or revise reports easily and without any problems. It is simple and cost effective. Moreover, this feature ensures that the company meets all what is needed to create reports and share them to all concerned.


This feature helps company members, especially business executives, to analyze intricate data. It also allows them to use eye-catching visualizations to share their insights and publish these insights in just a few minutes.

3. Xcelerator

Conventional  and real-time Excel spreadsheets are made more accessible and can be analyzed and optimized to ensure faster delivery of data. It has a “what if” feature that allows managers to analyze the different outcomes that may present from a decision made. It also updates data and other members of the company of any changes in the plans.  It helps ensure that the right resources are given to fulfill the plan of the company.

All these features make certain that the company, no matter how small, can stand on the decisions made and the consequences of such decisions.  However, if the software seems complicated, availing of a  Cognos Training  might be the answer to all the needed questions.

Training and More

The training provides the necessary courses needed to ascertain that the person can use the features of the form with ease. IBM conducts training and tips on their website to ensure that the programs and software are on good hands and are used as they should be.

Enrolling in any training course, may it be self-paced or instructor-led, gives one an advantage especially when planning to apply in mid-sized or big companies. Take note that the training courses are designed to cater to the needs of each individual. The training course  have several subjects one can enroll to and all these are interactive. Hand-outs and manuals are distributed to ensure that students can review. Competent instructors are available to assist  interested enrollees.