In the past, companies used to advertise vacancies in newspapers and other trade journals. At present internet has become a powerful medium for advertising job openings. Any job opening advertisement generates thousands of responses-some among them are genuine while others are not worthy. Thus, it can be a complete waste of time and money to wade through this bunch of CVs and find the ideal candidate for advertised position.

It will be even more difficult for a company to recruit if the position is for experienced personnel. It is true that a specialist recruitment consultancy can assist you with the process of employment and you will be able to save your precious time and money.

Benefits of appointing a specialist recruitment agency

Find the talented candidates

Experienced candidates soon get placed and it is a problem to attract these passive candidates. However, recruitment agencies maintain a database of active and passive job seekers. The agency will study your company requirements and needs of the position and refer candidates likewise.

Filtering applications

If you appoint recruitment agency, primary responsibilities of the process rests on them. They will advertise a position, sort CVs and perform the preliminary interviews to identify candidates who will be ideal for a position. You may concentrate on filtered applicants and interview them to select the best one. Many recruitment agencies carry on the background check on behalf of the company to evaluate the documents submitted are true and individual is fit for the job position.

Reduce administrative costs

Recruitment process especially bulk recruitment can turn out to be an expensive affair for most of the companies. At the same time top management has to delineate time for the process. The recruitment agency can save much of your money and time.

Advice about the market

Recruitment consultants carry on researches from time to time to determine expertise and the salary of a position. Consultants can advise employers if they are looking for skill sets that are not prevalent in the market. However, they also suggest applicants demanding high salary for a position.

Types of recruitment agencies

There are three types of recruitment agencies based on the jobs they perform. These are

High street agencies

This can be a starting point if a company is looking to fill not so unique or expert position. They are generalist recruiters who focus on volume of business instead of quality of recruited.

Middle ground agencies

Independent recruitment agencies tackle every type of roles instead of focusing on a particular sector.

Specialist agencies

These agencies focus on a particular sector. They manage companies with complex and specific recruitment needs.

If you have such specific recruitment requirement you may refer to for assistance.