Tilling is backbreaking labor for anyone without the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger and that’s why certain gardening tools were manufactured. These gardening tools were primarily built for the purpose of facilitating the tilling process. If you’re just new to the gardening scene and have yet to complete shopping for the tools, equipment and machinery to be used in your gardening plans, do make sure that the following tools would be included in your shopping list as well.


Worms – True, they can’t really be classified as gardening tools but since they do have the capabilities of tilling the soil and aiding a gardener in his many responsibilities, we’ll forget for the moment that worms are creatures and consider them – temporarily – as another gardening tool used for tilling.


For worms to visit the area that you want tilled, make sure that the soil has enough moisture and organic matter was used for fertilizing. If you don’t know what organic matter is – it could be the decomposed parts of an animal; natural fertilizers are always preferable to man-made fertilizers because they do not cause any harm to the environment. If you wish for worms to till the soil for you, that’s okay, but don’t rely on them alone so make sure that you share the burden as well and till a portion of the area at least.


Roto-tiller – Even till now, people still don’t agree on the pros and cons of a roto-tiller so we shall leave it to your discretion to decide on whether to purchase the roto-tiller or not. This gardening tool is best used in establishing a bed but gardening professionals however warn others from continuous use. If you use the roto-tiller yearly, it could result to the breakdown of your soil’s composition and that’s not a good thing at all!


Mr. Spade and Mr. Shovel – These two gardening tools are tools that no gardener could live without so they definitely deserve top spots in your shopping list. These two gardening tools can help you achieve what your bare hands would never be able to achieve so do make sure that your spade and shovel are made of strong material – metal would do nicely – and of superior quality (just go for the most expensive).


Mattock – It may sound very much like our posterior but this gardening tool is something you’d greatly welcome especially when it’s time to breaking up clay soil or working on a tree’s stubborn roots. If you buy a mattock, there’s no reason for you to purchase a pick because a mattock can easily serve the purpose of the latter.

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