Once only available at members’ only casinos, roulette is rapidly gaining popularity among ‘regular’ lovers of games of chance. That means you and me in a nutshell, and everyone else who couldn’t afford the ridiculously expensive membership fees of a private casino or gaming club. With the advent and rise of the internet, online gaming sites and real time casinos have opened up a new world for gamer.


Where and how can I play?

Anyone can play from anywhere as long as they have a live internet connection; on the bus, at a cafe, during lunch time at work or at home from the privacy of your own living room; an exciting game play is just a couple of key strokes away. By way of specially designed apps (there is an app for everything) playing live roulette’s a breeze. Even if you’ve never played roulette before, every reputable gaming site offers guides and instructions on how to play live roulette.

Advantages of playing online

First of all the main advantage is you don’t have ridiculous membership costs; membership of an online casino or gaming house is free. Another benefit of playing games of chance online is the regular bonuses you will receive as a loyal member and player. Playing games of chance in a private members’ only club would never attract bonuses for loyalty, even if you played attended and played every day of the year.

Secure servers and modern security applications mean you can play safe in the knowledge you’re completely protected from fraud or hacking. Reputable online casinos have strict guidelines and follow a rigid code of honesty and fair play with their customers. Plus of course you’ll receive as a member of an online casino regular games and gaming updates, bonuses and news about what is on offer on any particular day.

Customer loyalty

Online casinos value customer loyalty. Unlike real world casinos and gaming houses, they do not charge membership fees and rely solely on customers returning and playing for their revenues. That also cannot charge an arm and a leg for a drink or something to eat. If you’re playing from home you can always raid the fridge for a beer and sandwich, or break for a cup of tea as and when you want.

The value of customer loyalty to gamer cannot be underestimated and is worth a lot of money in terms of bonuses paid out. These bonuses can be used as stakes on games of chance along with your own stake, and frequently bonus are changed, improved and offered so it is important a player remain as loyal as possible to obtain maximum advantage and bonus offers.

Some of the biggest names in online gaming offer regular bonus vouchers to loyal players; William Hill Casino, Bet 365 Casino and Castle Casino in addition to Super Casino, Jack pot 247 and Smart Live Casino can be found here.

Now, let’s get playing and break the proverbial bank.

Graham Green is a freelance writer and blogger. He has researched live roulette online gaming sites and knows there is something here for all lovers of games of chance.