In present times, presence on the internet has become one of the most important things that a company focuses on.  This is because the internet has been transformed into the biggest marketplace of the world. Internet users have shot through the roof over the past few years. Thanks to the efforts of our internet service providers, we see that the areas, which did not have an active landline phone connection a few years ago, are now wired up with broadband internet. In these circumstances, when you know that the world is now leaving its local marketplaces and is doing its business in cyberspace, you would not be very bright if you continue to keep your business away from the internet.

Nowadays, having a website is now one of the bare necessities if you plan to stay in business. When all your competitors would have moved to websites, it means that they have access to a market which is exponentially larger in number to anything that you could imagine to target in your local market. In order to have a website, it is absolutely important that you have a good domain. A domain is, in simple words, an address through which your customers will access your website on the internet. It becomes very important that a proper domain is selected for your website because if it is not, you will see that the website is often inaccessible by your customers. At this time, obviously like all the customers who come to your outlet and find it closed, they should be considered business lost to competitors.

In order to understand the importance of a good domain for your website, it is very imperative that you understand how it works. It is essentially as important to the administrators as it is important to the visitors. This is for the reason that through a domain we define what the real administrative control is, that one has over the website. Administrative control means to what an extent you can control the content that is being run on the website. Ideally, a domain would allow administrative control over the website after an administrative password or a similar procedure is followed. However, a domain is not only used to regulate the website, it is much more than that.

A domain is the essence of the presence of your website on the internet. If a domain of a website fails, it can very easily be assumed that the website ceases to exist. The purpose of the domain is not limited to the internet alone. In fact, it is also very important for naming and locating devices and computers on other private networks. The internet is nothing more than a large network of other small networks. Hence, the domain (interesting to know is that the Swedish term is domän) operates in the same way on smaller private networks and serves the purpose of giving a name to the devices or computers available to the network. Just like in a website, a domain gives the address or the name through which the website is known but its actual function is at the back end of the website.