Will you ever compromise on your or your family’s health? Obviously, it is a definite ‘NO’. Do you know that the water you drink determines a lot to whether you have a strong or weak constitution? If you are often prone to falling ill, it is certain that the water you drink is not completely safe. And it is only water purifiers that can assure that the water you are consuming is absolutely free from microbes and other impurities like lead, pesticides, bacteria, virus, etc. Using an ordinary candle filter and muslin cloth is ineffective in inactivating the many disease causing germs. Boiling of water has been a normally followed defensive measure, but it may prove costly in the long run. Boiling is only effective if water is continued to boil for at least 20 mins. after it has begun to boil. There is also risk of recontamination of boiled water during the cooling process. If you have not yet installed a water purifier at your home, it is recommended that you install one without delay.

It may seem easy to buy a water purifier, but you may end up not buying the right system in sync to the type of water available at your home. A reliable RO system ensures that the water purified is physically, organically and microbiologically 100% pure with no scope for recontamination. RO or reverse osmosis is the method in water purification that has gained momentum today. In the process, water pressure forces water molecules through a 0.0001 micron semi permeable membrane, comprising of long sheets. The sheets are slotted in together and rolled up in a spiral way around a hollow central tube. The technology involved purifies the water completely in addition to reducing salt-content. An RO water purifier differs in sizes as per water processing and holding capacity.

Water conditions differ from place to place. At certain places, the water may be hard and at other places it may be full of lead, salt content, and pesticides. Your overhead tank may harbor harmful microbes and it may be full of impurities. But, one aspect is common – presence of bacteria and pollutants in the water of any place even if it is treated in a water treatment plant. Once you have made up your mind to install an RO water purifier, do conduct a research in the market, to buy the right one. You will come across water purification systems of different brands in plenty but it is advisable that you choose one that rightfully serves your purpose. You must get your water tested for TDS level before purchasing a RO water purifier.