ID-10072039Being a new parent in the winter season is pretty tough. Keeping your baby warm through the entire winter may be a challenge for you, your instinct may be to provide your baby with a blanket or two but avoid doing so. What to do however, is very simple yet effective. A comfortable bedroom for your baby is crucial, covering your baby’s crib with warm sheets is your best option along with having extras for changing. A great outfit for your baby is a sleeper that is only one piece and very soft, this will help your young one stay comfortable through the night by staying warm. If you’re more comfortable with another layer, putting a bodysuit or a simple under shirt is a great idea.

If you really would like a blanket for your baby there are several alternatives such as a blanket the child can wear, this blanket zips up in front and can be put over a sleeper. These are a recommended for the fact that they’re sleeveless so your little one is able to move his arms while staying warm. If you are close to putting your child to bed such as a half hr to an hour away and you notice the bed in your child’s crib is cold, there are a number of ways to heat it up. By putting a hot water bottle or a heating pad either can effectively and quickly heat up the bed to your liking.

Taking your baby out in the cold

At times you will have to take your child out into the cold weather, whether it be for a doctors appointment or to run some errands and knowing how to keep your child warm is important. The two best options are either a snowsuit or bunting, they both give off a great shield against the cold as well as the snow. They are both easy and quick to put on, once your young one is fully dressed all it takes is a quick slip in right before you are about to leave. Snowsuits work great because they form around the legs and arms and usually come with hoods. Buntings are similar to sleeping bags which include a seam between the legs to strap your little one into a stroller with ease. The best materials are either fleece, flannel and fiberfill, these are water proof and usually provide a thick insulated layer. This is definitley the best baby clothes for winter.

Hats and mittens

When looking for a hat, a soft hat is ideal because it works best to keep out the cold. Mittens are essential especially when your child’s hands are visible and be sure to have an extra pair with you if your child sucks on his hands.

On bitter cold days, it is recommended to wrap a blanket around the snowsuit or bunting but avoid slippery blankets to avoid losing him or her out of your arms. The best option for a blanket is one made to connect to a car seat or stroller by Velcro to best avoid any slipping.