Heroin is the most destructive drug and it is one of the most popular recreational
drugs used across the globe. It is one among the highly addictive drug. Conventional
methods of heroin detox forum revolve around the twelve steps program or the use
of chemical analogues that blocks the binding sites of drugs without inducing the
state of euphoria. The addict that misses out on the buzz, but they escape through
the withdrawal symptoms that contribute to many failed attempts to clear of the


There are two approaches to treat heroin addiction. One is called instant detox that
involves injection of a combination of drugs, while the patient is under anesthesia.
The patient is required to consume oral naltrexone for at least a year and afterward.
On the other extreme there is a do it yourself cold turkey method which is a
methodological process of discontinuing the drug without taking the assistance of
medical clinic or without attending heroin detox forum.

Instant Detox

Instant Detox method was originated way back in 1988. A doctor in the Austria was
injecting the drug addicts with naltrexone, an intravenous opiate blocker. This drug
caused the patients to suffer horrendously as the drug was stripped through the
central nervous system. A sedative was there to safeguard the patient from the
suffering. This process brought a time interval in the withdrawal process from weeks
to a few days.

Cold Turkey

It is an extreme method also called as a DIY method. Cold Turkey Method refer to
the process of discontinuing the use of an addictive substance instead of decreasing
the dose or replacing the medication. The DIY method is methodical and it follows a
careful approach to the cold turkey method.

This DIY method begins by planning ahead and selecting two weeks period during
which you need to discontinue the drug use. So, you need to set aside your home,
take some money to reward yourself during the process of detox. Ask wife and
children to leave home or send them to your grandparents and tell your friends to
leave you alone for at least sometime and do explain what all you have planned.

Where to Stay

You need to select a comfortable place to stay for this time interval, here you can
surround yourself with the food and drink of your choice, watch television and
read a lot of books. If the home isn’t suitable, stay with your parents or friends who
motivate you to leave drugs. It is not an easy thing to do. In the initial days you’ll
experience muscle cramps, chills, depression and insomnia.

By setting milestones and rewarding yourself with meals DVD or a new outfit,
everything can be done easily. By the end of two weeks, your body will be detoxed
and purified of the toxins. The drug rehab center can do wonders for you.

Thus, the process of drug detox makes your life better and pleasant.

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