Steinmetz Pink Diamond

There is a certain charm that comes with being a woman. You are a best friend, an adored daughter, an angelic girlfriend, a favorite sister, and so much more. I know you hate that time of the month and don’t know why sometimes you feel like biting your boyfriend’s head off just because he had that last piece of cake from the fridge; but you have to agree that you wouldn’t give up being a woman for anything. Think of all the fashion you’d miss out on. Nah! Being a boy just ain’t worth it. But no girl can command the title of a fine woman simply by getting older. You need to know a few things about life and stuff. Here’s a list to get you going.

Know your technology

Having a smartphone is not nearly enough. You have to know all its functions and learn to use it well. I know girls who have fancy phones, and all they use them for is making and receiving calls and texts. What’s the point! If you are spending that kind of money and have the technologies in your palms, use it. The same goes for Ipads, computers, apps, etc. Get with the program, people! Not only is this a lot of fun, but can be a good conversation starter with boys. Nothing gets guys going more than tech-talk.

Know how to say no

This is a girl problem for sure. None of us have mastered the art of saying ‘no’. At least, not without feeling guilty or weird about it. Well, here’s how. When you do not want to do something for someone, ask them if your being there is absolutely necessary. If yes, rethink your decision, but if not simply say that you are doing something else. Don’t sugarcoat it by saying, “I would love to, but….” There’s no need. If you have a problem lying, simply state what you would rather do, but with a genuine smile. In most cases, you won’t be shot or hanged for it.

 Know what an orgasm feels like

The statistics say that 70 to 80 percent of women require direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. This roughly translated means in most cases, you have to be the one to satisfy yourself. If you are one of the handful of women who have never had an orgasm yet, do the needful today. Poets and writers have described it as one of the most incredible experiences humans have. Plus, there are quite a few benefits you gain by having them, including improved circulation to the pelvic cavity, increase in fertility, promotion of healthy estrogen levels, deep relaxation, boosting of infection-fighting cells, etc.

Know how to buy diamonds

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. Even if not, it does make us very happy. Since we all hope to own at least one piece of diamond jewelry, it is very important to know how to buy diamonds. These days, merely knowing about the 4 Cs is not enough, especially since the market is thriving on fancy colored diamonds. You must keep in mind though, that every color has its own intricacies and features. For instance, pink diamonds are graded a certain way and come in hues of secondary colors like brown, purple and orange. So if you are out to buy exclusive pink diamonds, make sure they are intense in color and come from the argyle mines in Australia.

Know what looks good on you

A lot of women go through life not knowing themselves. By this statement, I don’t mean what they are like as people, but what they look like wearing certain things. I used to know a girl who insisted on having bangs that covered her forehead. All through school and college, she never changed her hair; probably because some person told her that her hair looked good like that. The thing is you may look good in a lot of different looks. Start treating your body like celebrities do. Try new haircuts, dresses, outfits, shoes.


Beverly is a fashion designer that writes for the  in her spare time. She loves using embellishments such as small pink diamonds on her accessories, while sticking to elegant colors and designs for her clothes. This being her signature style, she hopes to someday crack a deal for pink diamonds with a Australian diamonds manufacturer.