There are so many design possibilities within your home. For those who have an eye for design and a love of matching colours, textures and materials changing the look of a room or two within your home can be an enjoyable task to take on. Timber is something that can be used in various ways and you can tell what kind of properties it will have by analysing the quality, this will take you through some of the aspects of timber:

The grain of the timber is highly important and says a lot about the quality of the wood. If the grain is straight it will be a lot stronger and more durable than if the grains were crossed or wavy. If the wood has a number of knots visible the quality will not be as good as these appear when irregular growth happens to the tree, many think that these are not imperfections but add to the look of the wood, however if you purchase timber supplies that are really strong they wont have many.

The type of tree that the timber is made from will also allow you to use it in different ways. Beech trees for example mean that the timber is a lot more flexible because of its cell structure, giving it the ability to be shaped more easily than something really strong.

You may also wonder why certain wood does not rot or become infested by insects, and this is down to the way it is treated. Chemical oils and substances are fed into the wood during its growth to help prevent attacks. Also if the wood has been sealed or varnished then this will create an outer layer for further protection. If wood is left in damp places over time it will be more likely to rot.