Health is wealth, and that’s a saying we all have grown up hearing. If we see today, all homes harbor millions of bacteria and various other harmful disease causing microbes. Yes, we’re indeed living with so many of them, everyday, right within our own houses! They shelter dust in our living ambience. The fact is that just as little as one gram of a little dust has about 19000 microscopic bugs! The dust mites cause allergies which range from asthma, sneezing and wheezing to rhinitis, watery eyes, running nose, eczema etc. The corners and nooks of your house which include beds, carpets, pillows, upholstery, soft toys, air conditioner filters, woolen blankets, refrigerator, window mesh, open surfaces, grills, walls etc are all breeding grounds of harmful dust mites and bacteria. Dusting your home will only cause these mites and their dirty faecal droppings to get airborne, which will make you inhale it at some point or the other and this is the reason for most of the allergic reactions. The regular traditional methods to clean house like dusting, swabbing and sweeping aren’t effective. You ought to use a vacuum cleaner.

Go to the market and explore for yourself; you’ll come across various models of vacuum cleaner by Eureka Forbes that are totally a hit. Euroclean by Eureka Forbes has more than 3.5 million satisfied customers. This figure is much larger than combined total figure of vacuum cleaners by all other brands in the market. This affirms the undisputed leadership in the market of the product. It’s been more than 30 yrs and the journey of Euroclean in the vacuum cleaner market still continues to be smooth. Today, there are about 10 models under the brand – Euroclean Pro, Euroclean IQ, Euroclean Storm, Euroclean XForce, Euroclean Wet & Dry, Euroclean Xtreme, Euroclean Bravo, Euroclean ACE, Euroclean Star and Euroclean Litevac.

If in case you are using a vacuum cleaner by Eureka Forbes already, which is not included in the above category, then you might be worried thinking about the customer service and the after sales support. Well, all Eureka Forbes products have a warranty period attached with them. Call up the company’s customer care number, which is 3988 3333 and you’ll be attended to, anytime of the day! The brand has more than 1100 centers for service in India, so you’re never far away from help. You will get your service support in less than 24 hours.