The corporate world is extremely vibrant and with mere theoretical knowledge achieving a stand in the present economy is next to impossible. An MBA degree from the most prestigious college is futile, if you do not have an external exposure to the real business world. This calls for internship programs which is a break from the traditional bookish knowledge to a mode of education where students learn while working in the organizations. Mugging up theories, equations can help a student only to pass on to the other levels. But having a practical experience makes a lesson strong from its very core and offers them a platform to choose the functional area that generates interest.

A survey was conducted to judge the value of internship among MBA students. It has been found, a large percentage of them have gathered tremendous exposure at the time of internship. They found the right industry and learnt skills that have enhanced their efficiency. Moreover, the survey further stated that rate of success and chances of getting a job is more for an intern. The opportunities to build up a network is essential for a healthy career growth and internship is the path to shine as well as stay ahead in this hyper-competitive job market with the perfect resume.

Like many other educational courses, the MBA internship is a vital part for every AICTE approved MBA colleges in Kolkata. The practical training is one of the most vital parts of the entire course. The students try to get their internship done from large group and companies and enlarge their base on technical and practical knowledge. A number of organizations even offer such programs owing to the excessive demands of the management students. In this period, the students learn the most and clear off all the queries. The relationship with the seniors is important for expanding network as well as learning the market standards and requirements.

During the course, the students get to know the intricacies of the corporate sector and specialized on the field that suit them the most. Associating with recognized companies add more value and help in pursuing career of their choice. The assignments and projects give them a thorough and in-depth outlook about the industry. A number of employers have found that graduates with theoretical knowledge face hurdles in job market, but those who have practical skills can move up the ladder of success and set a better performance level.

The employers look in for some attributes in every candidate who comes in for an interview. These include communication skill, leadership, interpersonal skills as well as experience. The internship programs help to develop these qualities. Effective communication can solve many complex matters and analyzing abilities can pace up the career prospects.

Hence, it can be concluded that the value of MBA internship cannot be overlooked. It prepares the students to face various traits in the corporate sector and at the same time take up challenges with the intention to give out innovative solutions.

Author Bio: Sneha Ghosh shares vital information and tips about MBA. Her readers can even get to know about the AICTE approved MBA colleges in Kolkata