Taking part in a bowl game has its perks. Players get to show off their skills and display exactly what they have to offer. But what about the other perk that comes with participating in a bowl game? The extravagant free gifts that each partaker receives.


Each year a selection of gifts are offered to those involved in the bowl games. But we are not just talking about a few promotional key rings here. Expensive items including Apple products and designer timepieces are just a few of the gifts included in the bowl packages. It’s a little like Christmas came twice for some.


This year sees another fantastic selection of gifts offered to those taking part in the bowl games, although several are more impressive than others. Some bowl gift packs this year include Fossil watches, iPad mini’s, $100 gift cards, Schutt helmets, Oakley sunglasses, Nike Backpacks, Beats by Dre Headphones and more.


Players, coaches, cheerleaders and team VIP’s can all qualify to receive these free gifts when taking part in the bowl games. As participants are prohibited from being paid in cash, these lavish gifts certainly make up for that fact and each year packages contain a range of different items for players and team members.


But for some, their gift packs are not as lavish. Some players will only receive fleeces, hairdryers, cheap watches, notebooks and footballs. Clearly not as exciting as receiving a brand new Apple iPad mini is it?