Are you a sports coach looking for new, creative ways to honor your athletes? Are you tired of giving the same old, boring trophies to your players year after year? Would you like to surprise your students with trophies that not only are unique but that motivate them to continue working harder, training more proficiently, and playing to the best of their abilities? If you are ready for inventive trophies that dazzle and inspire, then consider these five unique trophy ideas. You can recreate just about any kind of famous trophy on a smaller scale for student athletes as long as the trophy is not protected by copyright. But you also can come up with your own trophy design that incorporates memories and symbols of both your sport and your team. Consider these five unique trophy ideas for your next athletic sports banquet:


Glass and Wood

Honor athletes who compete in the great outdoors through equestrian sports, archery, swimming or even track and field with a stylish, contemporary trophy made of glass and wood. The athlete’s name and his or her sports honor can be etched on a square or rectangular piece of glass affixed to a handsome wood base. The glass has the look of a sheet of water, a waterfall, or a frosted window. The wood base is earthy and natural, reminding the athlete of her competing ground.


Metal Flames

Give the MVP athlete or a special athlete who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for her team a custom-designed metal trophy that features several licks of fire. The flames symbolize the athlete’s passion and energy for her sport and for her team. This trophy also calls to mind the great honor and responsibility of the Olympic torchbearers. It is an honor to play and an honor to serve fellow teammates. The athletes will be reminded of this message when they see this unique trophy.


Partnership Sculptures

For athletes who really care about their team and who work toward bringing teammates into harmony, give a trophy that looks like a modern stone sculpture. The sculpture features two curved stone ribbons that look like teammates with their arms on each other’s shoulders. The teammates look fluid, and the sculpture symbolizes partnership. You can give this trophy to each athlete who has shown excellent team spirit, or you can reserve it for the team leaders.


Functional Trophy

If you want to get multiple functions out of one trophy, then order a trophy that also acts a pen holder. Your athlete will get lots of use out of this award because he or she can set it on the desk. Every time he or she needs a pen, the athlete will remember the team and the hard-won victory through teamwork. You can pair this trophy with other school- or desk-related items, such as personalized notepads and pens for each athlete.


Metal or Glass Mountain

Every victory on the court or out on the field is like reaching the peak of a mountain. That is a victory to celebrate. Why not communicate this theme by giving each of your athletes a trophy featuring a sleek, stunning glass or metal mountain. Each time the athlete gazes upon the trophy, he or she will remember that the climb to the summit can be hard one, but the victory at the top is overwhelmingly grand.


This article was written by Jonathan Chang on behalf of Edco, Florida’s largest awards manufacturer. Another great idea for an award would be a crystal one. Check out Edco’s website for more information on crystal awards available online.