Thailand is known to be one of the best spots for luxury family holidays. It has earned the nickname “Land of Smiles” because the locals are very warm and are often seen smiling.

The ideal time to go to Thailand is from November to February as these are the cooler months. On hot days, temperatures could really rise to extreme so it may not be a good time for travellers to come. Then again, this doesn’t mean that you can’t visit on the other months of the year, you can still go whenever. Anyway, the resorts and beaches that dotted the country are also waiting so you can cool down a bit.

As for the places to visit, a one week stay in Thailand is not enough to explore everything in this beautiful country. It means that there are really a lot to see and not just a handful. The places that you can explore are categorised in two:

Historical Hotspots

1. You can’t leave Thailand without visiting the Royal Palace that was erected dating back to the Siam Kingdom.
2. Ayutthaya is another place where the history and culture of Thailand is very evident.
3.The Buddhist temples are famous for their relics and you will learn so much about Thailand by exploring these holy places including:

•  Wat Phra Kaeo – The Emerald Buddha Chapel
•  Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn
•  Wat Pho – The Temple of the Reclining Buddha
• Wat Saket – The Golden Mount
•  Wat Benchannabophit – The Marble Temple

4. Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand is another site that you must go to. Various artifacts are showcased here via museums and art and culture centre. It is also here where elephant sanctuaries are located.

Contemporary Hotspots

1. Pattaya is famous for its nightlife, modern shopping centres, and classy restaurants. The beaches and world-class resorts are the main attraction in this area. Further, this district has been tagged as one of the world’s wildest party towns.

2. Ko Tao, an island positioned in the southern part of Thailand is a popular place for snorkelling and scuba diving. You can experience going under the sea and swim along exotic sea creatures like barracuda, tortoise, stingray, and even whale sharks.

3. Of course, no visit to Thailand is complete without seeing and enjoying the beaches of Phuket. You can say that this place is a paradise. With its white sandy beaches under a clear blue sky, the over-all picture truly resembles a heaven on earth.

In conclusion, Thailand is a country where you can visit interesting sites. The fascinating heritage of the country is exhibited in its historical structures and monuments, which line the town’s landscape. It is also home to one of the finest beaches and snorkelling / scuba diving spots in the world. Although, Thailand gives off an old-world feel due to the historical landmarks that can be seen everywhere, this country also boasts of world-class facilities. In addition, one will also get gaga over the hospitality offered in the Thailand villas and resorts, which are laced with top class amenities treating visitors with great warmth and affection.  With all that can be experienced in this nation, it is not surprising that many people prefer luxury Thailand holidays these days.