If you are considering updating your home décor in 2013, why not consider giving it a contemporary look with ceramic tiles? Not only are tiles stylish and guaranteed to stay in fashion, they are extremely practical and perfect for those with a busy household. If you are yet to make up your mind about these tiles, take a look at some of the answers to ceramic tile FAQ’s.


What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles?

Ceramic tiles are typically made from white or red clay with a glaze on top whereas porcelain tiles are created using fine natural ingredients combined in a strict manufacturing process. Porcelain tiles are also much harder than ceramic tiles.


If I drop something on ceramic tiles, will they break?

If your tiles have been properly installed they will be very durable, even if a glass of dish is dropped the tiles will stay in place however your crockery may be a different story!


Won’t ceramic tiles make my house cold?

Tiles are no different to other items in the home when it comes to temperature; the only difference is that they hold temperatures well due to their mass. In warm weather the cool tiles will prove to be a nice relief, however in the winter they can easily be warmed up with a rug or simply by turning on the heating in the room.


Where can I install ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles do not have to be limited to the kitchen or bathroom, wall and floor tiles will make a striking feature in any room in the home, especially those with heavy footfall as they are very easy to clean. Mix up your tile patterns and colours to give your home a contemporary feel that will always be in style.