Take a thought of the process that timber goes through on its full journey from being a tree to sitting in a timber merchant’s yard waiting for builders and DIY enthusiast to come along and purchase it. It has to go through various stages and be checked regularly to meet quality standards.

The first stage in preparing timber for commercial use is of course to fell it. This usually takes place in the winter time because trees have less moisture content at this time although overall it is still high. You need to get it when it is at its lowest to make it easier to transport the trees. If the felling was to take place in summer you wouldn’t be able to transport as much timber due to its increased weight. Young trees are never chosen as they need to mature before being felled. One a tree has been felled a sapling should be planted to make sure another tree grows back in its place.

Once the tree trunks have been transported they must be stored away properly. Some like to store them in the forest before being taken away to be sawn down. If left outdoors some of the moisture content has the chance to evaporate off and reduce the weight even more. After being stored logs will be taken to a sawn mill where they will start to be changed so they can be used commercially.

There will be a number of saws available and the tree trunks are usually cut by using circular saws and band saws. The logs will be sliced into boards so they are easier to work with and after this stage larger machinery will be used to properly cut them with precision. The timber will also be seasoned to try to remove some more of the water content. If the water is left in the wood is called green wood but it is not as desirable because it can change shape and you are unable to be precise with it. Seasoned wood is much more desirable as it is less likely to warp.

After all these processes it means that you can simply click online or visit a timber merchants quarters to purchase various types of timber to complete jobs. Wood is one of the most important natural resources and allows you to have beautiful hardwood flooring to paper to write on in schools. The preservation of forest areas is essential in making sure that we can continue to use this resource and for future generations.