Usually, when it comes to write dissertations by students, they are not aware of basic components or elements of a custom dissertation research. Dissertation components play key role in the successful dissertation writing as well as allow students to achieve the best scholarly grades in their area of study. However, these four major components of dissertation research are dissertation concept paper, dissertation prospect, dissertation and dissertation manuscript.

Among these four components of dissertation research documents, dissertation prospect and dissertation documents are the two major components that are fundamentally required. On the other hand, dissertation concept paper helps in improving quality of research proposal and dissertation manuscripts helps in meeting the psychologist requirement to spread the research toward the profession. Further information about these components is as follows:

    •       The Dissertation Concept Paper

Dissertation concept paper refers to a pre-prospectus paper and usually consists of 10 to 12 pages. It is a kind of research proposal, which determines what to study in dissertation, why it is required, and how it will be executed. The subsections included in dissertation concept paper are introduction, problem statement, and research question, significance of the study, research hypothesis, research design, variables, measures, research participants, data analysis, process, and reference.

    •       The Dissertation Prospect

Dissertation prospect, second important component of dissertation research, refers to a plan that determines how the overall dissertation will be executed. This paper is composed by utilizing the dissertation concept paper and by including elements such as cover page, signature page, table of contents, list of tables and figures, introduction chapter, literature review chapter, methodology chapter, tables and figures, references and appendices. Here, the introduction and methodology chapters have to be written in future tense.

    •       The Dissertation

Dissertation is a final presentation of research design, implementation, and explanation that was planned in dissertation prospects. Therefore, it should demonstrate that process is executed as per given in the dissertation prospect, explain findings, defend discussion, and provide implication and conclusion. This should consist of cover page, signature page, dedication or acknowledgement, table of contents, list of tables and figures, biography, abstract, introduction chapter, literature review chapter, methodology chapter, results and findings chapter, discussion chapter, references and appendices.

    •       The Dissertation Manuscript

Dissertation manuscript is prepared when the certain dissertation is going to be published in the peer reviewed journal or book chapter. For this purpose, dissertation manuscript is composed by briefly describing the introduction, research question, literature review, research methodology, results or findings, discussion, and research implications. However, the dissertation manuscript is accepted only when it consists of quality and relevant dissertation research in specific area.

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In contrast, dissertation writing is a complex task, as it is vital to complete academic qualification. Therefore, while writing custom dissertation, students have to ensure that they consider these four major components of custom dissertation research.