Swimmers can do many things to improve their swimming skills and swim better. Here, you’ll read a list of 10 tips to improve your swimming. The first step is of course getting out of your home or office and going to the pool. Or, if you already own one, or plan on buying it, you can do it whenever you want to. Once you’ve decided to start swimming, you can use this list to improve.

1      Swim often

If you don’t swim at least three times a week, you may lose your sense in the water and your technique may deteriorate. Without sense and techniques, you won’t be able to speed up your swimming. For most swimmers, swimming once or twice a week isn’t enough. Choosing between a couple of long workouts per week or more shorter workouts, swimmers, simply, seem to choose swimming more frequently.

2      Improve your technique

You should work on your skills during a workout while swimming with various speeds. For example, if your technique is bad but you swim fast, you’ll end up wasting a lot of energy. Still, you will get fitter and burn plenty of calories, but you won’t help yourself become a better swimmer. So, try to make yourself swim fast while using an appropriate technique and you’ll really improve.

3      Drills should be a part of your every swimming workout

At the beginning of your workout, in its mid-part, or at the finalizing part, you should pay attention to reinforcing your swimming techniques. Just a few strokes you do with your arms, elbows, hands, hips, legs, shoulders and knees or any part of your body can help you become a better swimmer. In order for you to stay in shape, you can use many different drills that can help you get better skills.

4      Do more demanding and challenging workouts

Once or twice in a week you should put a little more effort and go hard with your workouts. If you focus on improving your technique, it will get better, for sure. But, if you force yourself to go faster, you’ll only get tired and your skills will deteriorate. On the other hand, this is something you’ll have to do if you want to learn how to keep a good technique while swimming faster. Try to improve one at a time.

5      Do some easy workouts

It all depends on the swimming skills you’ve already developed. See what you’re better at, and try to put less effort to it if, and be more focused on things that are hard for you.

6      Do some streamlines

A streamline based exercise might be a drag, a turn or a start, but you shouldn’t experiment with your exercise a lot – streamline, then go between the swimming and the streamline over and over.

7      Push the walls of the pool

Most races have many turns, so it’s recommendable to push yourself off the walls, which would represent a kind of a practice for you. When you start any set, you should always push off the walls exactly the same way as it’s usually done when finishing a lap. Doing turns as a common practice is a real bonus for you.

8      Wear a swimsuit that’s made especially for professional swimmers

You don’t have to spend a lot of money and buy the latest model of swim wear. What I’m trying to say is you shouldn’t wear baggy shorts for the beach because you won’t actually improve your technique or learn to swim faster. And, doing both of these activities at the same time would be rather impossible. As the time passes by, you’ll be able to wear anything you want, but that’s when you’ve already overcome the technique and the speed of swimming. It’s the same with any sport – it’s a logical thing not to make it harder for you to learn, but when you do, you can let yourself be privileged to wear anything you like.

9      Asking someone to record you while swimming is a good one

It’s even better if you ask someone videotape you. Then, you can see yourself swimming and try to spot if you’re doing anything wrong and work to make it better. Listen to advice people have to give and, next time you swim, try to test it, and improve if needed.

10   Occasionally use flippers

Doing flippers has many benefits. The most important one is that it will help your body will get to a much better position and learn what it feels like while moving when being in that position. Then, you’ll have a better perception of how it feels like to actually do the flippers.

That would be it – some basic stuff about improving your swimming skills when swimming in a pool. If you own a pool, it will only help you improve faster because you can workout whenever you feel comfortable to.

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Ivan Dimitrijevic has his focus on blogging as well as social media. He writes about home & family improvement tips and swimming. Among other things he had articles published that consider a wide range of topics that include pool equipment and other basic supplies, swimming pool chemicals  and various types of automatic swimming pool cleaners in order to keep your pool healthy and clean.