There’s a reason The Science of Happy Marriage is “The Formula that never fails.” It’s because it doesn’t fail. So many relationship advice givers have had it “almost” right before. Almost… but not quite. Well meaning and good hearted, they believed they could help. But sadly they only made matters worse for thousands, millions of couples. You can’t hit the target unless you start out right. They start out wrong. They focus on problems and solutions. That’s not the way you create a happy marriage out of an unhappy one.

Focusing on “solving problems” only makes them worse. There is a better way to create a happy marriage out of an unhappy one. You have to shed the approaches that don’t work. And start doing things in a way that does work. There is a Science of Happy Marriage. It is based on a formula that never fails. The formula is called The Prescribed Way. Marriage counseling is a brand new method that leads inevitably to happy marriage. How to save the marriage is a presentation all about it, and you will get great tips on solving your internal marriage problems easily. Nothing is better than your good relationship because bad relations often took both couples to separation.

P.S. Your marriage destiny depends on it. Even if you leave this marriage and get into another one