Marriage counselors and relationship advice givers are good people.
I’ve known quite a few of them over the years of my practice.
They are well-meaning and sometimes their advice can help… temporarily.
But almost without exception they are caught in the same trap you are.
They are trying to help you “solve problems.”
Like there was something “mechanical” wrong with you that could be fixed.
You tell them there’s this or that problem and they try to help you get a solution:
“We just can’t communicate anymore.”
“He never tells me his feelings.”
“She doesn’t want sex.”
And then the counselor goes to work to try to help you fix it.
I’ve got bad news for you.
When you focus on a problem you make things worse.
The counselor gets your husband to speak up about his feelings.
You feel better.
You think this is progress.
He feels worse, and now he feels resentful and trapped.
I can give you examples until the cows come home, but they all turn out the same.
You try to fix one problem, ten come up.
There’s a better way.
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