Wedding vows ask you if you will hang in there when it gets tough.

Everyone says yes.
Of course no one on their wedding day imagines what’s coming.
Half the ones at the altar this very day will be divorced in 10 years.
And 80% of the other half will be moderately to supremely unhappy.
And half of the rest of them are either oblivious, addicted or don’t care.
And only about 1/10th of the remaining number are happy.
Totally, totally unnecessary when all everyone needs is the Science of Happy Marriage and you will get this by visiting Marriage counseling.
Divorce is bad but marital unhappiness is no picnic either.
And don’t think your kids think you’re happy when you’re not.
“We can’t divorce, we can’t do that to the kids.”
But is it OK to inflict a lifetime of your marital unhappiness on them?
What kind of model is that?
“But kids, we stayed together for your sake.”
“Thanks a lot mom, that really gave me a wonderful vision of marriage and adulthood.”
Now all that is kind of harsh, I know, but here’s the solution.
Give yourself a REAL chance to stay together and be happy.
It isn’t hard, but you have to change your direction.
Take a turn.
Go a new way.
Go the way thousands of others are going… toward happy marriage.
There is a science of happy marriage and it is an exact science.
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